Monday, March 23, 2009

Kathryns Photo Shoot

I got the CD of some of the pictures that Liz took of Kathryn. She is such a cutie. Well I said earlier that Kathryn was all serious the whole time but I guess Liz was fast at the draw cause she got a few with Kathryn smiling!

Ok so everytime I want to add pictures I can't. So this will have to wait till Matt gets home to show me how to make these pictures smaller. I hope that is it cause these pictures are the cutest of my baby!

Mary Kay Party

I would like to invite all who want to be pampered for a night of rest and relaxation. We're having a girls night in of the best Mary Kay products you can find. We'll get our faces and hands ready for bed so come in comfy clothes, Pj's are acceptable. Please comment back and let me know if you want to come and I'll send you directions to my house.

April 1, 2009
My house

I'm hoping that most our husbands will be home to watch the kids so that you can come and get a little pampering done.

This also is helping out my sister get her 30 faces in 30 days. I'd love to see you all there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kathryn Update and lots of pics

Isn't she a cutie. I love this dress, it goes with her pretty blue eyes!
We went to the Ostrich festival last Saturday. We didn't see any Ostriches but we did get to see pig races, amature boxing, some motorcyle acrobats, and a demolition derby. The place was packed but it was a fun time. Kathryn really liked the pig races.
This one is at the demolition derby. It was getting to be that time for Kathryn. I want to be on the ground running around or in my soft bed. Take your pick mom!
Isn't Matt Handsome in that Pedro shirt and Sun Glasses!
One of the many places Kathryn likes to get into. This is my bottom draw to the dresser.
This is kathryn's Cousin Chloe. We went to her Chorus concert. She sang the song from My Best friends Wedding, It was so cute. Kathryn did great at the concert too. Not a peep. She just danced to the music and liked getting into the seats that closed up on her.
The other day we went to the part cause it was windy to fly a kite. It was a lot of fun. Kathryn loves to swing and go down the slides.

This is Kash and Kathryn. I tried to get them to race down the stairs but Kash was to interest in the camera flash.
Another drawer that Kathryn likes to get in to. This is in the Kitchen. I'm glad I don't have much in that one.
Kathryn was a model for an awesome photographer Liz Farnsworth. Liz wanted to get some good pictures of kids and families of what colors look good in pictures. Kathryn was so serious the whole time. I hope Liz got some good photoes. Her business is called Red Bucket Photography. You should all look her up!
This is the newest purchase for Kathryn. She loves to sit in this one and swing her legs. She also loves to push it around the house.

I love this dress. Makes me think she is a red, white and blue baby. and it goes so well with her rosy cheeks.
This is the softest blanket. Kathryns Aunt Melissa got it for kathryn on her 1st birthday. Kathryn loves to lay on it and just run her hands across it and feel how soft it is.
I like to take Kathryn on walks around the temple. I get some great pictures there. She liked getting on this bench.
I was working in the yard the other day and thought I would put on a hat. When I went in to get Kathryn from her nap she was like 'what is on your head' So I had to get another one out and put it on Kathryn. Isn't this the cutest picture!
Below is another place Kathryn likes to climb into. Kathryns 2nd cousins once removed. I'm 1st cousins with these boys Grandparents. So kathryn is 2nd cousins straigt across with the boys parents. Its awesome having such a huge family. Heatons rock!
Thanks Rachel for letting us use this little puch,/car toy,. Kathryn is good and pushing it around and getting on it. She can go backward really good. but hasn't mastered forward yet. Soon
Kathryn at the temple again. I think she actually picked some flowers and ate them this time.
I just love this face. Kathryn doesn't stick out her tongue as much anymore so this is awesome to get a good picture everyonce and a while as a reminder.
Another one of the places she likes to hide. I laugh so hard when I see her get into these precarious places.

Oh and on her way to this cupboard she has to get into the Wok for some fun sitting time.
Kathryn's favorite, most softest teddy bear ever. Her Aunt Melissa also got her this for her birthday. Its bigger then her but she loves it.
So I know its been way to long since I added pictures of my cutie pie. I've got some great ones coming.

Not much going on here. I want to do this foreign exchange thing but I can't seem to get myself to open my mouth and ask. I actually found out that my neighbors had 2-3 come and stay with them for a summer. So I just need to open my mouth.

Kathryn is getting to be my little climber. I catch her on the couch, in her stroller, and at my parents she's learned to push a few chairs around and in the right place to get on the table. She hasn't gotten onto my table yet... Thank Heavens! She loves to get into drawers, cupboards, the tub. Really anywhere small and confined she likes to see if she can wiggle her way in. Her 5th tooth decided to show it self this week. Finally another tooth. Maybe the next 5 will come much faster then these ones.