Friday, March 25, 2011

Kathryn Vs Charlotte

I thought I'd go back and find the heights and weights of my little girls and see the differences as they grow up.
Kathryn born Feb 8, 2008 she weighed 6 lbs 7 ozs and was 20 1/4 inches longCharlotte born April 19 2010 she weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs and was 20 inches long
3 month Kathryn was 12 lbs 11 oz for some reason I couldn't find a heightCharlotte was 14.4 lbs and 25 inches
6 month Kathryn was 17 lbs 11 oz and 26 3/4 inchesCharlotte was 16.9 lbs and 26 inches
9 month Kathyrn was 20 lbs 1 oz and 28 inchesCharlotte was 19.6 lbs and 27 1/4 inches
1 year Kathryn was 22 lbs and 30 inchesCharlotte is 21.3 lbs and 30 1/4 inches tall

Friday, March 18, 2011

Quibids 1st Winnings

Just got my first winnings in the mail from Quibids .

1 x $10 Home Depot Card + 10 bids
$0.01 - Auction winning price
+ 0.60 - 1 Bid to win x $0.60
+ 2.00 - Shipping

1 x $10 Home Depot Card + 10 bids
$0.02 - Auction winning price
+ 0.60 - 1 Bid to win x $0.60
+ 2.00 - Shipping

Fun times,


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlotte Cuteness

Here comes an overload of pictures of my sweet Charlotte. She'll be 11 months old on Saturday. I can't believe it. She's still my baby.
The Developmental therapist has told us she's not a baby anymore and has told us to take away her pacifier during the day only at night for now and that we shouldn't have her sit in her car seat any more. I was getting tired of holding her in that car seat anyway but I've put her in the cart a few times and had her sit in the high chair's at restaurants and she loves it. And her pacifier well she is a great baby with or without it. I just know more of her schedule now as she cries when she's hungry and doesn't just satisfy the hunger with her paci.

Anyway enjoy the sweet love my Charlotte gives with her beautiful blue eyes and big cheeks!

She really does move all over the house. She got herself here in no time. Couldn't get herself out though. She started to cry and well I had to get my camera for a photo op like this. Sorry Charlotte for not getting you out sooner.

It's spring!

First time with Spaghetti! She loved it!

My angel, cutie pie.

Matt likes to Drive

Matthew gets in these moods where he wants to just drive and drive with no particular end in sight so the other day the girls were feeling pretty lousy and tired and Matthew thought that would be a good time to go on a long drive.

At the bottom of this blog I have a map with states that Matthew and I have been together and he wanted to add another state or two onto that map so he looked up to see how close West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland all are and they are all actually within 20 miles of each other but getting there from where we are takes like 2 hours.

So we headed out on the rainiest day we've had yet. Rained all day long. Kids slept most of the way and we saw some really cool little towns and country side. Kathryn wanted pizza so we stopped at a little pizza joint and they had a left over pizza there that someone canceled their order so he gave him that pizza for free. Awesome I know but the pizza was well not a place I want to go back too.

Anyway we didn't end up getting to all 3 states but we did add West Virginia to our places we've been and we'll add PA next month when we go up to CHOP for Charlotte's Evaluation for the MOMs trail.

This was the town Library. Awesome building I know!

Crafts with Kathryn

I checked out a craft book from the Library and found one thing that I thought Kathryn could really get into that wouldn't cost to much. We got flower pots and potting soil and some flower seeds for a fun flower pot. But we decorated it with eggs shells. You wash and dry the egg shells then paint them and then dry again and then break them into smaller pieces then glue them on in random shapes and designs.
I put Kathryn in my paint shirt so she wouldn't get her clothes messy. She really liked wearing one of my shirts. She thought it was so funny to where such a BIG shirt.
I found the paints at the dollar store. Kathryn LOVES to Paint!
But she doesn't like to get dirty so I had to hold the eggs while she painted cause she didn't want to get her fingers dirty.


Our finished products. I did a flower.
And Kathryn did the moon and stars.

The flowers are starting to grow. There are lots of little stems coming out of the pots. I thought it would take longer but it was only a few days and they are out and growing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zero Waste

So my husbands job around the house in taking out the trash both out of the house and then on trash days out to the curb. And he's good at getting it out of the house into the big bin but remembering to get it out on the two days a week it goes to the curb is like pulling teeth for him. He just doesn't remember. I got after him the other day and he sends me this link The Johnson Family and puts at the end. "I've figured out how to solve the problem".

Man after watching this a few times and really thinking about how we could do this I want to try to make our carbon foot print lighter. I found some statistics on recycling that I'd like to share. My copy paste is not working so check out this Link here for some items on Recycling.

I think our biggest problem here is that we don't have a recycle bin or garbage can to take to the street. In AZ we had two big dumpsters for trash and recycle and for sure the recycle container was the one that was most full each week. We'll have to do some investing and buy ourselves another container for just recycle items.

Next I think our biggest trash item is diapers. And I've been thinking about this and since Charlotte is Cathed , she doesn't have as wet of diapers as she would have letting her pee all on her own so I'm considering cloth diapers for her. I think I could do it since she's on a schedule anyway of being changed I don't think that would be do difficult.

Next big problem I see is just having to much STUFF. the house in the video looked amazing. I want a home that is simple yet inviting with out all the STUFF everywhere. I can do without all the STUFF around my house. What to do with it all? What is worthy of keeping? Those are the questions I need help with.

Next idea - This women in the video has a blog that I've looked through just a bit and she says she clothes shops two times a year and only has like 7 items of clothing she uses. Mix and Match idea. I could so get into not having so much stuff to pick through that I don't really like anyway.

Toys we have to many toys. and my little girl is only 3. I know it's just going to get worse!!!

Anyway that's been on my mind lately. Next I need to find some whole food stores around here and where to buy bulk grains, cereals, oats, etc...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Made Wreath

My sister Shelley is amazing. I'll start there. She is so crafty and can make anything. Sew anything, quilt anything, repurpose anything. And do all things on the cheap. This is one of those things.

This is a sheet I found at a second hand store for $1.50 cause I didn't have an old one to part with. Glue sticks, thread and needle, and a diaper box. I of course had one of those.

I made 4 different type flowers. My sister has the tutorials on her blog. check her out. She entered this into a contest! I hope she wins. She's also an amazing photographer. check out her pictures there too and on etsy.

The first two types of flowers. Kathryn really liked the fluffy ones!

Up close. I really like it!

On the wall. I think it's beautiful. Thank you Shelley for an awesome craft that didn't take much time at all.