Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kathryns Birth

My goal for the Hospital
Labor and Have a Baby!
So I was thinking the other day after a conversation with some friends in my new ward that I haven't written down my experience in the hospital and events leading up to giving birth to Kathryn. So I thought I would do it here so that I can save it and print it to put in her baby book that I haven't started yet...

I'm going to put in some pictures of right when she was born when she was still gross so the pictures are not for the week in the stomach.

OK So the last two doctors appointments I had the NST where they listened to her heartbeat and counted her movements. They also checked how dialated I was. The first time he checked I was like at a 2 and the next time it was a 4 that was the Tuesday before I had her.
I went to work that week. I didn't feel so good on Wednesday at our team meeting and they were making fun of me saying I was going to have her soon. Secretly that was my goal the whole time. See I quit my job and if I had her before or on the last day of my work I would still get paid maternity even if I wasn't coming back. So Wednesday night I had really terrible heartburn so I slept in the front room on the lazy boy we borrowed from my parents. I woke up about 5 in the morning to use the bathroom and as I stood up I felt a little gush of water/ fluid come out. I know I wasn't pushing that out. So I went to the bathroom and yes I actually smelt it and it sure enough wasn't pee. I went in to wake up Matt and told him " I think my water just broke". He kind of woke up with a start but I told him not to worry. At this point I still had not felt a contraction at all. I laid down for about a half hour then decided to call the doctor. The Doctor on call said to go down to the hospital to check and see if it was actually my water that broke. So I got in the shower got our things together and drove leisurely to Banner Desert around 7.

I was hoping we weren't going to be the one that waits to long and has to rush to the hospital.

Anyway I call my work on the way and tell them my water broke and that I won't be coming in. They were so excited for me.

At the hospital we got put in a little room and a little while later I was poked and prodded with some machine that is supposed to tell if it was amniotic fluid that came out or not. The test they did came out negative but the Doctor said that can happen if it was just a little bit that came out. So since that didn't work they sent me for an ultrasound of the baby to check the fluid around her. This one was the kicker as from a scale to 1 - 10 10 being the amount of fluid that should be around the baby I only had like 4 or 5. So The Ultrasound tech said We're in for the long haul as they won't send me home with only that much around the baby.

Then we were admitted around 11 I think. I got put in a nice room. Matt brought his lap top and a book. My dad came down first to see me and then my mom came and Rachel came.

I wasn't contracting at all so the Doctor put me on putosen(sp) about 3:00 I walked around the room, went to the bathroom, and tried bouncing on the birthing ball. I don't think that helped at all. Just made my back tired. I didn't start feeling the contractions until about 6 or so and and by 6:30 I was so ready for that epidural. but I still hadn't dilated more then like a 5 or 6. The nurse that I had then was so nice before the epidural but after I demanded it she was like rude and probably thought I was some baby that couldn't handle it. (She hadn't even had any kids) She told me I couldn't have my epidural until I felt some of the pain. (Next time that is not something I'm going to listen to) No need to feel the pain! Anyway the pain was so awful. the nurse pushed on my legs and that seemed to help. Matt tried rubbing my legs and that didn't help. my mom came over and rubbed my legs and that did help. Nothing Matt did was helping until the nurse told him to push on my legs like she did and then I could handle him touching me.

The Anaesthesiologist was Perfect! I was supposed to get a new guy but for some reason he was busy and the guy that had been a long time pro came in. Oh it was awful getting it put in but man the moment he put it in I could feel the pain lessen and lessen. I was in Heaven. The rest was a breeze... They put the catheter in and increased the putosen. Still not dilating. My mom and Rachel had been there for quite awhile. Just talking and stuff. That helped keep my mind occupied with the wait.

Soon after the doctor came in and checked me and was a little worried about the fluid that was coming out and that the baby wouldn't have anything around her so they put a tube back in me and started pumping amniotic fluid back in to me to help the baby. It was about 11 when I sent Rachel and my mom home because the Doc said as I was still at like a 5-6 that she expected me to go another 6 hours and would probably be ready to give birth around 5 the next morning. So they went home. I wanted my mom to come back and since I got to see Rachel give Birth to Paige I thought it was fitting for her to be there. She said she would come back if she could. I tried going to sleep after then left and got some rest.

The Nurse I got for the night was awesome . She was helpful and willing to answer questions and just such a great nurse. The monitor they have on you to keep the baby's heartbeat kept having to be moved. Kathryn didn't like it when I laid on my left side. But I had to keep switching so the epidural wouldn't just rest in one leg. I had to keep it even. Anyway I kept having to move and turn so not much rest but I still was in heaven with no pain but I could still move my toes. and my legs just a tad. They said that was the best epidural if you can still have some control of your legs and feet.

The Doctor that said it was going to take about 5 - 6 hours more was on call so she went home. Lucky for her she only lives like 10 miles from the hospital. Because she left like at 11:30 and the nurse by chance checked me and in the matter of like and hour I was fully dilated and ready to have the baby. She called the doctor and told her she better come back. So I called Rachel and my mom and said I'd probably have her in the next hour or so. They both had just gotten home and ready for bed.

The nurse had me do some practice pushes. She said I was a natural. I Felt like I was pushing with my head though. I wasn't worried about anything. the Nurse actually got me to were I could see the baby's head. So the Doctor got back there about 1:15 and 3 pushes later 1:30 AM I had little Kathryn Olivia Weir. The Doctor said that she could see the babies hair on the first push. That was such an amazing thing. I cried, Rachel and my mom cried and I think even Matt got a little water in his eye's. It was such a relief to have her out so much pressure was now gone.

She looked so gross. I didn't know if I should touch her or not when they put her on my chest. I was just so overwhelmed with love and joy. They cleaned her up and did the measurements. 20 1/4 ins long. 6 lbs 7ozs. A perfect little baby. The nurse had me try to nurse her but with no luck. We got moved to the recovery room about an hour after the baby. Matt was so exhausted. I kept trying to nurse her but it wouldn't work. So I had to give her a little bottle. I did so many things to try to get her to nurse. I had the lactation people come in 3 times. I got to take a bath and go to the bathroom. Oh my going to the bathroom hurt. I wish I would have known to use the water bottle and a warm wash cloth. No one told me that. Thank goodness for a nurse that was aware enough to show me and help me. She came me this moist pads and some cream that was like heaven! I didn't think something like that down there would feel good but man that helped! Another thing I'll know to ask for. So We had her Friday Morning February 8th.

She shares a birthday with Matt's Sister Jolene and my Aunt Loriene.

We came home from the hospital Sunday afternoon. And it has been a good up and down ride ever since. I LOVE OUR LITTLE KATHRYN OLIVIA!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pagosa Springs

This is at Treasure Falls. Our little family. We sure do love each other!

I thought this was just a funny picture of her in the car. Her Hair is all staticy for some reason.

The last weekend in May we took my parents on a trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado. Matt and I have a trial Time Share that we got to use. Pagosa Springs is about an hour east of Durango if you know where that is. It was beautiful. It rained most of the way there and all day Saturday but cleared up just enough times for us to go to a Fiber Festival and see Treasure Falls.

Pagosa is known for the hot springs there. They have quite the set up for hot tubbing in the springs but the cost was outrageous. I"m not sure what it was but the resort we were staying at were giving $25 off so I'm assuming it was way more then that.

The drive there was interesting. If you've ever driven through Shiprock, NM you'll know what I mean. I tried to get some cool pictures of the rock formations. I can see where it gets its name. They rock formations kind of look like old ships!

So far Kathryn has been in Arizona, Utah, California, New Mexico, and Colorado and she's only 4 months. Good thing she's a good traveler. I'm serious my mom said she didn't hear her more then a few times. I sware our baby must be an angel!

The San Jaun River runs through the town. It would be great fly fishing area!

The little room we had had its own hot tub built on to the back. It was awesome. This was Kathryn's first hot tub experience. I think she liked that more then the pool. She'll take after her dad in that regard.

The fiber festival was for their sheep and alpaca's to make wool and stuff not the grain fiber. They had some alpaca's there. They were so cute. Way cuter then a llama, No offence Emperor Kusko. ha ha

There were really cool rock formations made from the hot springs to. made me think of Yellow Stone.

The mountains there were amazing. and Kathryn got to taste her first taste of snow. Yes there was snow on the ground in the shade. It was so wonderful.

The mountains there were amazing. and Kathryn got to taste her first taste of snow. Yes there was snow on the ground in the shade. It was so wonderful.

We went to the ward up there on Sunday. It was a nice little ward. They took most the time for Relief Society to talk about a temple trip to Monticello, Utah. It made me feel bad about how I don't take advantage of just living down the street from a temple when they have to plan a whole days worth to get to one. I'm so excited for the 3 new temples in Arizona. My Parents will be like 2 miles from the one in Gilbert!

My Parents anniversary was the 29th of May. They have been married 39 years!

Kathryn in New Mexico

So that was our latest trip. It was fantastic. Matt and I are going back there for our anniversary in September. Maybe we'll even let someone watch Kathryn so we can have some time alone. Its really fun taking her though. we'll see. I'm not sure what I want to do just yet.

I found the cable

So I should have looked a little harder... So her are a few pictures of what has happened in the last month. I'll put house pictures on another post.

Here is her 4 month picture. This was June 8th. I can't believe its been that long. Her doctors appoinment was great. The doctor said she's developing just right.

14lbs 8ozs 25 in long She's in the 75th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference. She even rolled over from her tummy to her back for the doctor. I think she was showing off cause she hasn't ever done that at home or since then. She did great with her shots. She is the greatest baby ever!!!

Rory and Paige dancing to the end credits to a movie we just watched.
Kathryns first time swimming in a regular pool. Its was pretty cold but she was a trooper. Didn't cry at all. I think she must be a fish at heart.
Here are the last three of the grandkids. Adam, Kash and Kathryn.
Isn't she precious!!!

I babysat my sisters little girls for a week while they went on a cruise for their 5 year anniversary. It was quite the ordeal watching a 3 year old a 1year old and my little 4 month old. Made me want to be more careful about when we start having kids again. We had fun though. We watched lots of movies and played with cousins a few times.

The Kids really liked playing with Kathryn. They were really big helpers especially Rory. She helped me feed her while I was feeding Paige.

Paige likes to get into everything. Rachel has all but one cupboard in her kitchen locked with a child lock and well Paige knows which one is not locked to her!

Happy Mothers Day. Matt got his mom roses and he got me a bunch of bright colorful flowers. He made waffles for me His family style. I thought it was the grossest Idea at first but now I"m a fan. Can't eat them anyother way. Waffles with cheese and bacon cooked into them. Makes them so yummy!!!

Kathryn and Kash.

Mom Turley with the two youngest Grandkids.

I like to get pictures of these two cause they are so close in age. Its fun to see their progression.I was trying to get a picture of my niece Mandy and I got my Dad in the back ground making this funny face. Its hilarious.

Monday, June 9, 2008


So We're all moved in and I had sometime this morning before Kathryn's 4 month appointment so I thought I would update you all with a few pictures and things and I get my camera and now I can't find my cable to download my pictures. Great I have so many cute pictures of Kathryn and just things we've done since I last posted I was excited to start catching up. Now I'm bummed.

Anyway sorry no pictures SOON I'll find the cable.

The house is great. Its very nice now that its been painted the carpet all matches and all the cupboards are cleaned out. Its weird to move into a new house cause you feel its going to be all different but its kind of the same cause I have all the same stuff so it feels just the same just different location.

I miss all my friends from the Petersen Park Ward. I hope they still email me on the Girls Night Out events. I so still want to attend those. I'm sad I don't get to see Carianne and Liz start to change shape and enjoy the wonders of pregnancy! Liz you really should start a blog!!!

Our new ward is very friendly. I already have met so many nice people. I go walking around the temple every morning at 6AM with a few ladies in the ward. Its nice to start getting some exercise. And they have water aerobics every Wednesday night. That was way fun but cold last week.

I was going to have to help Matthews Grandma to her Doctors appointments and help her shower during the week but her kids decided it wasn't up to the grand kids to take care of her so She's spending this year with Matt's Parents. and then on to another one of her kids for another year. I'm so very grateful I don't have to giver her her showers. I would have done it but that really wouldn't be the highlight of my days...

Kathryn is getting so big. I'm really sad I can't post any new pictures. I think she's about 14 lbs now. She's eating a lot and sleeping through the night. She still doesn't like being on her tummy but is getting better. She's starting to talk a lot more. Its so cute when I get her going. Everyone loves her. The people in the ward know me as (Shelley's Sister) or (the one with the cute baby with all that blonde hair). I actually bought her some little clips that I can put in her hair and they stay. Its so cute!

Its fun living next to family. I've been able to get to know Matt's family a whole lot better. I guess now its his turn for us to spend time. We spend so much time with my family its time for a switch.

Well I better go the Appointment is soon. oh yeah since I live so close to the temple. If any of you want to stop by and visit on your way there or when your done I would love to see anyone that wants to come over.