Monday, August 25, 2014

Bryce's twin Cousins

Bryce has three cousins really close in age.   They all look like they could be twins.
What do you think?

 Bryce and Jacob 6 Days apart.

 Bryce and Elyse  1 month apart.

Bryce and Roman 3 months apart.

Family Pictures

 Chloe is doing Kathryn's hair before hand.  She is in cosmetology school right now and cut Kathryn's hair the next day.   it was so fun to see these girls!
 Aunt Savannah
  ALL 22 Grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa!

 Melissa couldn't make it.  but here we are with my dad in a wheelchair.  He had back surgery in May and fell a few times and is now just barely able to get up with is walker.  
 All the girl grandkids.  I didn't get a good shot of the boy's but our family is even.  11 girls and 11 boys!

Fit Bit Challenge

I got a fitbit for mothers day and I LOVE IT.  shortly after I got it Village Green Network did a fitbit challenge to get 10,000 steps everyday for 6 weeks.  I entered.  I had to send them a picture and my measurements  at the start and then again at the end of the 6 weeks.   The first 5 weeks were great.  I only missed 2 days out of the whole 5 weeks and then we went on vacation and I missed all those days but 2.  So I did basically 5 weeks and missed the last week.  Anyway in the process of all that I lost 3 lbs, total of like 4 inches off my waist, hip and arm and down a dress size.  I thought I did pretty good.  So I sent in my after stuff and waited and waited and waited.  I didn't hear from them.  SO I thought it was a bust.  I didn't win.  but a few days ago I'm just looking at their website and come across the post for FITBIT Challenge Winners.  So I take a look and to my surprise my picture is there for 1st prize.   I couldn't believe it.   I had won the aria fitbit scale.   my picture and measurements are on the web for all to see.

see for your self.  it's so crazy awesome that I won.  I need to find another fitbit challenge to see what I can do with that one.

I am currently training for a 5k in a few weeks.    I'll post about how that goes soon.

I did do a 2 mile run in Snowflake for Pioneer days. My first timed race.  25.34 minutes.  I was aiming for less then 30 minutes...  I did it!

again it's been way to long...

Our Mother's day shinanigans.