Monday, August 25, 2014

Fit Bit Challenge

I got a fitbit for mothers day and I LOVE IT.  shortly after I got it Village Green Network did a fitbit challenge to get 10,000 steps everyday for 6 weeks.  I entered.  I had to send them a picture and my measurements  at the start and then again at the end of the 6 weeks.   The first 5 weeks were great.  I only missed 2 days out of the whole 5 weeks and then we went on vacation and I missed all those days but 2.  So I did basically 5 weeks and missed the last week.  Anyway in the process of all that I lost 3 lbs, total of like 4 inches off my waist, hip and arm and down a dress size.  I thought I did pretty good.  So I sent in my after stuff and waited and waited and waited.  I didn't hear from them.  SO I thought it was a bust.  I didn't win.  but a few days ago I'm just looking at their website and come across the post for FITBIT Challenge Winners.  So I take a look and to my surprise my picture is there for 1st prize.   I couldn't believe it.   I had won the aria fitbit scale.   my picture and measurements are on the web for all to see.

see for your self.  it's so crazy awesome that I won.  I need to find another fitbit challenge to see what I can do with that one.

I am currently training for a 5k in a few weeks.    I'll post about how that goes soon.

I did do a 2 mile run in Snowflake for Pioneer days. My first timed race.  25.34 minutes.  I was aiming for less then 30 minutes...  I did it!

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