Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with the Turleys

Well Christmas with the Turley's is a fun time. We have had the tradition of having breakfast at my Grandma Turleys for Pancakes and on special occasion German Pancakes which are my personal favorite. But since my Grandma has passed away we have been going to my oldest sister's house for a Carroll breakfast. They call it Egg's al la Golden Rod or basically a egg white sauce with sausage. put over my sisters fantastic homemade bread toasted and buttered torn in pieces. Its awesome. But I think next year I want to bring some German Pancakes for old time sakes.

After Breakfast we all go to the living room for opening presents. We are in a rotation for gift giving. I had my sister Melissa. It was more difficult this year as she lives in Florida. I hope to get a picture of her son Damien with the gift I sent. She said he's been carrying the box around the house for weeks. Saying "is it christmas yet?" the opening part is kind of like a mad house. But we have little helpers to pass presents out. It was funny cause some of the littler ones wanted to help but they couldn't read the names. Afterward Matt had all our gifts stacked on his lap and he fell asleep. I had to get a picture of that. And of me of course in front of my parents christmas tree.

I have 11 Nieces and Nephews so far. Paige is the baby on the floor. She'll turn 1 a month after I have my baby. She's got the biggest cheeks and so much hair. Her mom says its really hard to control. The other two are Melissa's oldest daughters. They are the oldest Grandkids too. Savannah and Chloe. Savannah lives in Florida with her mom and Chloe lives here with her dad. They are such opposites. Its finda funny. Chloe said she wanted leggings for Christmas and Savannah wanted makeup. That was easy to do.

Matt and I got a family gift for ourselves. A Kitchenaid. I made my first two loaves of bread this morning. It was nice to get out of the shower with the smell of homemade bread in the house. They didn't turn out that bad either. It was White Bread. Now I need some wheat so I can make a little more healthier type of bread.

Matt and I had a great Christmas overall except for the part were we don't get a Christmas break and had to be to work the next day. Sometimes I wish I was still in school just so I can have that break from life again. Oh my sister got us a DDR that is a two person mat that just plugs into the TV so we don't have to have a gaming system. Its not as advanced as the gaming system ones but It does the job for my little workouts. Me and my mom tried it the other day and we both were breathing heavy after a few trys. I think it will help me out when I want this baby to drop and get ready to be brought into the world. Do a little dancing and she'll come right out!

Anyway I've got all my christmas stuff put away already . I feel I have things to get ready for the baby and having a lot of extra stuff around the house is making me anxious. a month and a half is not a long time expecially when I don't know when she'll decide its time to make her enterence. oh yeah Matt just found out he gets 3 days off paternity leave. So that will help a bit. I love the season but time to start planning for the baby!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Early Christmas Present

So Matt got me some Wahl clippers for christmas so I can cut his hair. I've been refusing cause it scares me to even trim my own whispies away. But for Christmas Eve we got them out and I watched a video on cutting hair and we went for it. I should have taken a before and after picture but the christmas card photo will have to do. I have to say I didn't do to bad for my first try. I had it on the hights number guard we have and went to town. I think I'll have to learn to blend a little later from someone that knows. I used the ear clippers and well he has a little bit of a bald spot above each ear but he said it would be ok cause it would be back to normal in about a week. I hope so. I did get the after picture. It's late and he's tired so his eyes are all red. The hair doesn't look half bad though.

After he got out of the shower and it dried I don't think I did that bad of a job. It still makes me nervous but I think I could get a hang of it. If anyone has any good tips please let me know. Next time I'll try to get some before, during and after photos. Then maybe I can get some better critiques to improve upon. Matt thinks he's going bald. He might now that I cut it but no way. He's got lots of hair!!!
Here's to saving money on haircuts. Maybe he'll learn to die and give me highlights... Thats a scary thought...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I've seen a few of these and I think this is all I'm going to get to this year. I hope this is ok as our Christmas card to all our Friends and Family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Random things

We had our hometeachers over yesterday and if anyone hasn't got the message yet it is about kids and babies. Such a great lesson for Matt and I since ours is coming soon. One thing he said that was interesting is that one of his friends just had a baby and their mother told them that we need more good people having kids. Because well if we're afriad of the future we need to teach our kids well because they are our future.

My sister had her baby on the 14th. Little Kash Joshua was 6 lbs 2 oz 18 inches long. Matt and I went to see him at the hospital on Saturday. He's so little. It's going to be way fun to have cousin's so close together in age. They'll be best friends.

My work had it's Holiday party this weekend. It was a nice evening. The picture is of me and Christi Well's my most favorite RAE. She got me the stoller and car seat that I wanted. I work with her out of Texas. Thanks so much to Christi!!! Something Christi sent me today was a quote by Charlse Schurtz the Peanuts guy. He said there's no need to worry about the end of the world as it's already tomorrow in Australia.

We made GingerBread houses with my family on Sunday. It was a fun time. We gave out awards like we do for pumpkin carvings and mine won the most christmas like/ Christmas Vacation house from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Update on how I'm doing. The UTI is gone Thank Goodness!! They put me on a pill for my sugar levels but they seem to be helping. So I guess I'm ok with it. I wish I could have pulled it off by diet and excersice but that didn't work. I had another ultra sound today to make sure the placenta was in the right place and it is thankfully. If it wasn't I would have to have a C-Section. We got to see some more of our baby. She's about 3.5 lbs and the tech said she has a little bit of hair. Again she liked to stay hidden. We didn't get the good face shot that the tech likes to get but they were fun anyway! I'm 31 weeks only a few more to go. I started the 2 week appointments. Almost there!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pregnancy Whoa's

Well I wish I could say that my pregnancy has been the best thing and that I'd love to do it over and over. .. but this little baby of mine has put me in the hospital two times and gave me diabetes.
I seem to catch every cold or sickness around as well. It stinks.

I've started my every two week visits. I think all these prenatal visits are just so you can hear the heart beat so you know it's still worth all the pain. I know I'll feel differently when she finally does come but until then man I don't know...

This last trip to the hospital was aweful. If anyone has experienced a UTI, I'm really sorry. It started Sunday with a vengence. I had to run in from the car to the house coming home from church only to have like a drop come out that hurt so bad. then be in the bathroom every 5-10 minutes. for the same worthless drop and the pain! so we finally went over to the OB triage and waited a little bit for some comfort. they gave me some vicadin (sp) for the pain and that was wonderful. Made me sleepy but relaxed me enough so I didnt' still have to get up every few minutes.

My urine had blood in it so they were concerned that I might have kidney stones but the ultra sound they had me get didn't show any signs of one. Not that it would as teh ultra sound tech said they would have to be really big for her to be able to see anything. They can't do the cat scan when your pregnant because its x ray's.

We were there for 3 hours. not as bad as the last one. OB Triage is way better then having to go through the emergency room!

I thought I was doing better this morning but as soon as I got to work I could feel it come on again. The dang medicine my doctor gave me isn't working as fast as I would like. I don't know what to do. I think I'll give it one more day by 3:00 tomorrow if its not better I'm going to call and see if there is anything else they can give me. Cause sleeping on the toilet because Laying down for 5 minutes then having to get up again is just not worth it. So I'm here with the lap top trying to keep my self busy while sitting on the comode! Its not to bad I have a blanket around me and I read in my book as well.

I know not everyone wants to hear this or if I should have even said anything but well I guess if anyone has any advice or something that might make me feel better. Please feel free to comment and let me know.