Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kathryn's our little Ballerina

I put Kathryn in a ballet class that started mid January.  SHe LOVES it.  Isn't she adorable!

She's getting pretty good even after just a few classes.  I asked her what her favorite class is from Swimming, to Gymnastics and ballet and Ballet was her favorite.  So I guess we'll stick with Ballet awhile.  Maybe I'll have my very one dancer. I certainly wasn't!

Christmas 2012

 The Girls Christmas Dresses

The winters first snow.  This is outside the Air and Space Museum.

Matthew's sister came down for Christmas with her family.  This is Kathryn's Closest in age Weir Cousin Deven.  They had so much fun together!

Bryce's christmas present!

Deven brought his dog Max.   He was in his cage most of the time but the girls loved having him out and playing.   He certainly is a chewer though.  

I finally made it down to the US Supreme Court and the National Archives.  It was amazing.  

Just thought this was appropriate for being in the Supreme Court!

It was beautiful in both of the buildings. 

I guess I didn't take many pictures in the archives.  mostly cause it's not allowed of the good stuff like the Gutenburg Bible and other things.   It was a magnificent building. 

This was just as the sun was going down.  Love the pink on top of the building!

Happy Christmas from our snowman on the Fridge!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Pictures

Love this one! 

My baby boy Bryce

 My sweet boy. he's 2 months old in these.  Man he's grown a lot in the last month.    
This photo shoot was supposed to be for him but it totally ended up being one or Kathryn but oh well.  We got a few good ones of my sweet baby.

Don't you just love baby toes!

He is such a good sleeper.  Last night he actually slept all night.  Well I put him to bed at 11 but he didn't get up till 7:30!  I was so rested.  It would have been perfect if Charlotte didnt' wake up with a bad dream of a lion eating her shirt. 

Oh man I can't get over the fact I have a baby boy.  He's wonderful. 

Thank you Rachel, my sister, for the blessing outfit.   it was perfect!

I'm so blessed.  I have three wonderful kids.   Bryce is so happy, starting to gurgle and make fun noises,  He laughs and smiles a lot when he's not sleeping.  He Eats good and is an all around wonderful boy.  Lets keep it up Bryce. 

Charlotte Is an Angel!

 Look at my beautiful Charlotte.  Isn't she just like an Angel!   I can totally see the bruise she got on her forehead a few days before this picture.  Just shows how much fun she always has. 

 There was a inflatable dinosaur there that Charlotte wanted to play with the whole time.   Thats all she wanted to do.    At least we got a few good shots without the dinosaur!
Charlotte is 2.5  in this picture.  She's getting so big.    She's so smart, talkative and sassy.   She's gotten into saying to me, 'I'll never leave you'  and 'I love you so much'  She really loves sitting on my lap lately.  Maybe it's a little jealousy of her baby brother but I'll take it! 
She tested as a 3.5- 4 year old cognitively at her developmental exam for the MOMS study!  Way to go Charlotte.   You are defeating the odds with every stride!