Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Water Fun

So yesterday was the first time we've ventured out to one of the many splash parks in the area and I think its going to be a weekly or a few times a week outing. It took Kathryn a few minutes to get used to the idea and all the kids that were there but she finally got the hang of it.

I went with my friend Shelby with the triplets who brought her friends one of which has quadruplets. I think their were like 11 kids all under the age of 2 and 2 more girls about 4ish. We went to the one at the Mesa Riverview. It was a great place and no one was there except for us. It was pretty well enclosed but I've never seen any others.

Anyway this was way fun and next time I think I'll wear something I don't mind getting wet in and getting in with Kathryn. Its to hot to stand on the sidelines!

15 months!

Kathryn is know 15 months and counting. Only a few more till Nursery!!

Anyway we had our doctor appointment today.

31 inches tall
22.4 lbs
18 in head

She only gained a .5 lbs since the last check up.

The doctor said I need to get her a few more calories. Any ideas what to feed a baby that really only likes Waffles, Mac and Cheese, Green beans, and Tapioca pudding?

I'm Domesticated

So my friend Rebecca has inspired me to hon in on some of my homemaking skills. She made the cutest shirts for her and her girls for family pictures so I had to do something.

I've had this really cute sun flower material left over that I used to make some Kitchen curtains. that I've really wanted to make a dress for Kathryn. But I don't have any patterns so the other day I needed some material to make my new cute swimsuit a little more modest and learned a better way to fix my suit from the very helpful lady at Sally's. So since I was there I decided to find a pattern for Kathryn. And just my luck all Simplicity patterns were on sale 75% off. I found a cute pattern with a couple different dress styles, some shirts and shorts. I'm so happy I get to use the pattern again.

This is the first time I've followed a pattern from start to finish all by my self without help from my mom. I didn't even call her. I just figured it out all on my own!

I have to say it turned out so cute. I had to make the elastic on the neck smaller as it was falling off Kathryn's shoulders but man its so cute!
And I found a cute hair style off a blog on hair do's and well I have to say Kathryn was the Cutest little girl at Church on Sunday.

You tell me isn't she the cutest baby you've ever seen?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Four Fingered Pianist

This was amazing. I can never say I can't do this ever again. This is just incredible. It's a long video but worth the 10 mins.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kissing Cousins

Need I say more

Mother's Day

Matthew surprised me yesterday morning with a clean kitchen and roses and breakfast in bed. He must have gotten up really early. He is so wonderful. The best part of the whole holiday is that I have a little girl that makes me a very happy mommy. She brought me a rose and a card. She even did a little coloring in the card to make her mark.

Red Roses, Isn't Matthew so thoughtful!

A beautiful butter cream/Lemon cake. So Yummy!

And look what I got to come into the Kitchen to see. Isn't this amazing. Matthew did this all without me even knowing anything as I was asleep.

I can't say in words how much I love and cherish each moment as a Mother. Kathryn is so wonderful and I even like taking care of Matthew to. I just did Laundry this morning and I was putting away Matthew's shirts and just thinking of how happy I am that I can stay home and be a wife and mother and take care of the ones I love.

My mother, Millicent H Turley is the most amazing women. I wish I had a picture with her so I can post and you can see the love and passion and determination in her eye's. It's so wonderful living so close and I can go see her anytime I want. I could even go visit at school where she is teaching first grade if I really needed her. She always knows what to say and how to help. I ask her questions about raising Kathryn and she so modestly says "It's been so long" but still seems to know the right things to say.

Some things I love about her

1. She was a stay at home mom when I was growing up

2. She made the best green pancakes for St Patty's day, Candy cane pancakes for Christmas and JackoLantern pancakes for Halloween.

3. She gave the best back scratches every night growing up. I think she even did this into high school and even after college if I needed her to talk to before bed. She also gives the best foot rubs ever.

4. She is always encouraging me to do my best, in what ever thing I am into at the time.

5. She is the best grandma to her grand kids.

6. She is the strongest, most determined, and hardest working mom there is.

7. She's still with us after a long struggle with Breast Cancer.

8. She has a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

9. She shares her testimony with me and my family.

10. She reminds me of my grandma Heaton, her mom.

My mom's Posterity.
6 wonderful girls
6 handsome son-in-laws
6 rowdy grandsons
6 princess granddaughters

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fruit of my labors

So last night we had the first bits of veggies from the garden. It all tasted so yummy. I had a few beets and some swiss chard. The beets were sweet and the swiss chard was just so yummy. Even Matthew had some chard and a little bite of the beets. I think its so cool to be able to eat food that I grew. I've never done that before. I'm glad i had enough yard to do it. Next growing season I'll try so more.

I do have a whole lot of squash getting ready to grow. Lots of blossoms and yesterday I went out and they're are some inch long squash out there. I can't wait for some of those too.

A little bit of Lettuce

Swiss Chard


Fun Fun Fun and more Fun!

This post will be just pictures of some fun things Kathryn has been able to do the last few weeks.
I got another Culture Pass, this time for the Arizona Museum for Youth. This is Play Heaven for Kathryn. She probably would have loved staying there forever. I'm thinking my next christmas present for us is a pass to this museum. It is awesome! Now I want to try the Phoenix one. I hear that one is even better.
I took a friend in my ward with me Becky Macias and her kids. They had a ton of fun too.
Even Emily got to have some fun!
This is the corn stocks that Elleanna put little animals in. It was to cute. I wish my camera was better to see the animals.

Kathryn loved the slide. She needed a little encouragement each time but she loved it all the same.

Tavien was all over the place too. He loved the slide more then Kathryn did. Up and Down, Up and Down.

Here they are fixing dinner. Kathryn had a pizza on her plate. That's my girl, she could eat Pizza for every meal.

Another Cute Slide picture.

I got to watch my cousins little girl Marissa the other day. Kathryn and Marissa have so much fun together. I'm so glad we live close so they get to see each other often. Kathryn is wearing Marissa's socks. So silly
A little to much fun I'd have to say. They had lots of fun with the crown and mostly the lip gloss that Marissa had. I might have to invest in some kid lipgloss for kathryn soon. She loves it when I put chapstick and such on her lips.

We went to the park by our house before the Ward picnic the other day. Kathryn loves swinging Especially with daddy!

Another fun filled day with the triplets. We are doing the art project that we got from the family fun van. it was birthday crowns. They all did so good coloring their crowns. and they especially liked the stickers that came with it.
I don't have any pictures of the swimming we did but I got to take her swimming at the VVL's club house with some friends of mine. We were at the beach part and Kathryn just LOVED it. she got to walk around the water all afternoon. She didn't want to leave. I was pretty good at putting sun screen on her but I didn't get myself so much and by back is now toasted. I guess I got a step forward for a summer tan. I hope to get a picture or two from my friend Michelle. She took a few of the group of toddlers swimming around.

Mischievous little ones

So I went to my moms and my sister Shelley was there with her kids and this is what I find on the counter. Adam will be 2 in a week. Its fun to see how similar Kathryn and Adam have become in their mischievous ways. First the needle's and tacks, then Vaseline and lipstick all over, now this, Adam puts all of Grandpa's tools in the peanut butter jar. I think my mom took a picture of all the tools laid out next to the jar after she cleaned them out. It was like 20 different items plus a few screws down deep.

Does Dewalt have a warranty for peanut butter stains. Don't chew to fast you might swallow a screw!

If you look close you will see the temple quilt my mom is doing for Matthew and I on the floor with the tacks all over the floor and in the little ones hands are all the pins and needles from the pin coushin, that they are strategicly putting in the carpet around them. Lucky for us no one got poked. This was the same night they got into the Vasaline.