Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kathryn turns 3

My Baby turned 3 on February 8th. I can't believe she's already 3 and so grown up. She had her 3 year doctor visit the day after her birthday. Here are the stats for my 3 year old
Height 38 inches - 75%
Weight 34.7 lbs - 80%
She got 3 shots and was a good girl through out. We went to the doctor for a follow up for Charlotte today and Kathryn kept sayign she didn't want to have a shot.
Happy Birthday my Kathryn Olivia.
Charlotte wants in on the fun. and the Birthday Cake!

Thank you Grandma Turley for the fun backpack. She carries around her other presents in it.

Grandma Weir sent this fun crown and a tutu. Thank you so much for the gifts for my big girl. She certainly misses her grandparents.

We went to McDonalds for lunch on her birthday. She got the happy meal so she could get the pony inside. She also got to play on the playground but got scared at the top and thankfully another mom was willing to go up there and help her down. I guess she's still my baby sometimes still. Not fully grown up and doesn't need her mommy. I'm glad she still needs me sometimes.
My birthday cake creation. Not the best but it tasted great to me.

Gifts from mom and dad. She loves to water color.

And here is the apron I made for her. I need to shorten the neck piece but she likes it all the same.
And to her Party. We invited 7 little kiddo's over for Kathryn's party. I think they all had a blast. I think my activities were a little old for this bunch but they had fun anyway.
We made valentines and decorated cookies, and Matthew got out the Bounce house and set it up in the front room. that was a huge hit for the kids. And no one got hurt. So glad for that.
They really liked Kathryns letter mat. I wanted to do letter races like we do with Kathryn but the other kids didn't think that was a good idea. maybe next year...

Kathryn got such fun presents from all of her friends.
This is from Talon and Zia. We have food all over our house now. Kathryn said she was hungry the other day and I handed her a water melon slice and she said "no mom real food."

Gavin got her a camera. She loves taking pictures so this was a great present for her. I'll have a post coming shortly of the 30 pictures she took in the first minute of it working.

Rebecca got her a book Silly Sally and a rhyming game. The book is silly I love it. And the game will be good to help her start to recognize sounds and what sounds the same. I love learning games and things for the kids. Kathryn is so smart to. All the help I can get to help her learn more and more.

Noah got her these fun barbies and princess game. She's pretty good the game already. It's like candyland with colors and such. She loves the barbies. These are her first barbies and they were a hit.

Valerie got her this pretty dress. This is one I was looking at getting her for easter. Valerie and her mom beat me to the punch. She wore it on Sunday. She was adorable.

Make a Wish!


Dirty Rebecca, She was the youngest of the group. She certainly knows what the good stuff of a cookie and cupcake are. FROSTING!

Happy Valentines day!

I got the girls matching outfits for V-Day. They got the skirts too but Kathryn didn't want to wear hers and well Charlotte has been on Antibiotics and they have been making her have really bad diarrhea which make for having matching outfits for very long hard. So needless to say I didn't get any other pictures then this one with them in their shirts. Another day and they will be all prettied up and cute for pictures.

We tried pink eggs this morning. Kathryn wasn't so sure about them but after she had a bite and it tasted the same she was all for them. She even asked today when I got out and egg for my breakfast if I was going to make it pink.

Here they are. So cute I know. I guess it has been a little cold for a short skirt but I bought them in mind to were their tights under them.

We made cookies. I need to get more cookie cutters as this star one I have is the only big cookie cutter I have.

Charlotte's just chill'an as we decorate the cookies. I've since found out she is a big fan of cookies. She'll munch on cookies and sweets for that matter all day if I let her.

Some finished product.

Matthew even got in on the fun!
We had a nice day for Valentines day. I put cut out hearts all over the house and watched Charlie Brown's Valentine Special. what better way to celebrate love day with Charlie Brown and the little Red haired girl.

Curly Hair

Kathryn loves her curlers. She even doesn't complain about sleeping in them. And the end product is so pretty. I love her long hair. She's so pretty.
Thank you to Amber Tryon for the bow.

Isn't she silly. I"m trying to get a good picture and she does this...

I like this mirror picture. Isn't she so grown up. brushing her own teeth, having curlers in her hair, and such cute jammies. Matthew and I sure do make such beautiful babies!

Something I want to try

I went to the Dulles Expo Center with my neighbor Katie and was fascinated by one particular booth for kids toys and such. It was all fabric made, quite books and the like. I really like this one in particular. I want to try my hand at making this for my girls. Maybe get Charlotte's done for her 1st birthday in April. I'd have to have two sets of cups unless I did the Weir's and the Turley's. That would be easier for grandparents I'm sure.

My sister Shelley could do this in a jiffy so maybe I"ll have to get some advice on this and have her help me over the phone.

I think this would be a great shower gift or birthday present. Maybe I could get good at making this and sell them. Anyone interested?

Playing together

Kathryn and Charlotte have gotten to the point where they can actually start to play together. Here's a few shots I've gotten so far. I love my girls so much.

Oh yeah and you can't forget the play dates that Charlotte can now start to participate in. Or at least sit and watch and try to interact.

Maybe this will give her incentive or the now how to start pulling up like this or crawling if she's around other little ones to learn from them.

Kathryn's feeding Charlotte her watermelon.

This was so fun the watch and get pictures of. They play together so well. Kathryn is such a good big sister and Charlotte is so easy going that even if Kathryn is a little rough sometimes she's ok with it anyway!

SNOW STORM - late post but it was a doozy

So I've been complaining about how cold it's been with no snow to play in. Well the end of January the Snow came down! It started snowing about noon and didn't stop snowing until like 7 or 8 that night. It was heavy snow too. The news said it was a Thunder Snow Storm. It took Matthew 8 hours to get home from work, which it normally takes about 45 mins to an hour. But we did go out and try and play in the snow and slide down some hills this time.

This is a castle some kids in the neighborhood were making it was so cool!

The little thing sliding down in the middle is Kathryn in a big plastic garbage bag. She loved it!
I have a fear of sledding since my time at Ricks College but that didn't stop Kathryn and Daddy from having some fun.

The turtle didn't work so well. to many grooves on the turtles back.
Here's are second attempt at a snowman this time it's at least a foot and a half.
Just an awesome tree that is just down the way from us.
We had to dig out the parking space by the time Matthew got home. I went out to help our neighbor cause her car got stuck before she got into her parking spot and then Matthew pulled up and she helped us get him in as he got stuck as well. It's kinda fun to shovel snow. I don't think I'd want to do it more then a few times a year though.
It is quite pretty when it's all covered in snow!

This is just a few hours after it had started. I didn't move the van for 5 days after it snowed. It was so stuck in there.
I hope this was the last of the snow for this winter. I need some sunshine! Warmth!