Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little Randomness of the Summer

Charlotte and Kathryn are little characters most of the time.  Charlotte likes to pick or rather just stick her fingers in her nose and Kathryn well likes to do anything that makes us laugh.    I love the cross eyed look with the fingers in her nose.    Oh and Kathryn using her middle fingers.  These are priceless!

Kathryn got to have a sleep over with her Cousin Savannah when she came out the first of July.   They stayed up till almost midnight watching movies.  El Dorado and Little Mermaid.    I can't believe Kathryn stayed up the whole time.   We had lots of fun with Savannah.  We need more visitors.

We got to go to the Air and Space Museum and well this is certainly my favorite plane in the whole building.  The Space Shuttle is amazing but I love the stealthy look of this airplane!

Kathryn and I got our Hair done by my favorite stylist and long time friend Jill Cathey.  She has done my hair for more then 10 years.  I am so sad I don't get to go see her every few months for a new do.   Since Kathryn cut her own hair awhile back I had her even it out.  Kathryn loves getting her hair done.  Jill even washes it for her.  That's my favorite part. 

Isn't she cute!

And my hair.  It had been almost a year since my last hair cut and well I wanted it even shorter then she did the summer before.  And I have to say I LOVE it.  It's been two months and I already want it cut again.  I really need to find someone I love here to do my hair.  Anyone in Centreville have a hairdresser that they love!    I sent this picture to Matthew and he thought I looked Sexy! 

 We Went bowling with all the grand kids but the three youngest.   Charlotte and Kathryn are already pro bowlers from the Spina Bifida Bowling parties we've been to so they knew what to do.   It was fun being with all my family!
We did a few experiments with absorption.  This one was fun cause we got to make purple water from the blue and red water on either side.  It took all night for it to actually finish absorbing but it was worth it.  Kathryn was seriously fascinated.

 This one was just to see if we could get the water to be level in both cups by having it absorb up the paper towel into the empty cup.  This one also took all night to complete.

The paper towel was fun we just colored on it with markers then put the ends in water and watched the colors crawl up the paper towel.

We made two Christmas decorations like this. We painted them red and green  and put sparkles on them.  They turned out really good.

Kathryn making her own tower of cups. 
We've done some fun things this summer.  I just need to get caught up on my blogging.  one day at a time!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I have a big Walker now!

Charlotte took her first unassisted steps on June 6, 2012!!  That was an exciting day.    Now a month later  she walks all over the house.  Whenever she can she's walking.  We even just got a walker from the SB group here from their Loan Closet and well, I'm not so sure she needs it.   maybe for Long distances but I am so happy for her progress right now. 

She is our big walker right now.  It's so fun to see her try and try again!  She is so determined.   This is so fun because she'll for sure be walking circles around us by her 30 month visit to the MOMS evaluation in January!  I can't wait to show her off!   Well and how beautiful my little girl is! 

I also don't feel as overwhelmed having a new baby coming in November.  Charlotte will be able to get around without me having to do all the carrying!  maybe by then she'll be able to get out to the car on her own.   That would be a blessing.  Right now I have to hold her hand the whole way there.   But if she could get even down our steps I could help her down the curb and into the car. 

Here's to an amazing Future!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boy oh Boy we're Having a Boy!

So we're having a boy!  We found out on Monday the 18th.  Exactly 18 weeks so Carolin could come and find out with us.  She left 2 days later.   I'm so excited for a boy!  We're all excited for a boy.  Kathryn said it from the start that he was going to be a boy.  I guess she was right!    He was measuring about a week early so maybe we'll end up having a Halloween baby.  

Everyone keeps asking me about names.  I hadn't thought much about boy names.  If it was going to be a girl I  liked Lyla  from the movie August Rush.   But We only teased about boy names.  Two that kind of stuck out more were Bryce and Peter.   But as I was laying there after Matthew took the girls out cause Charlotte couldn't handle me getting poked with the ultrasound stick  his name came to me.  I'm pretty sure his name is going to be Bryce Matthew Weir.   Matthew is all about initials spelling things so  BMW  is going to fit right in. 

We have a KOW  which is only a K cause I wasn't going to allow Matthew to have our daughters initials actually be COW.  and then we have a CAW. 

I've been thinking that maybe his name should be more classic like Kathryn and Charlotte are.  Like Jonathan or Christopher.   But none of them are sticking like Bryce is.  My sister Rachel mentioned Harrison.  I actually kind of like that but we'll see. 

So we'll be adding a little bit of blue into the home.  I"m excited for cars and trains and all the things that boys bring to a family.  Scouts and such too.  I'm 20 weeks along.  only 18-19 more to go!

oh and whats a post without a few pictures.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mothers Day

These are my Mothers Day Flowers.  Matthew took the girls on a walk that morning and let me sleep in and this is what they came home with.  It smelled wonderful!

 Then the reasons I'm able to celebrate Mothers day.  Charlotte and Kathryn!  They are my beautiful babies!   I love them so much.  Look at how big they are. These are their Easter Dresses.  Kathryn loves her dress.  She wanted to wear if every day for awhile.
 Look how happy Charlotte is. 

Happy Mother's day to me.  How could I not be happy.  I have two beautiful, fun, crazy girls.  And another little bean on the way, which we find out if it will be a beautiful little girl or a handsome little boy in a week from today!

PROM Already... I didn't think I was that old

My year with Carolin is coming to a close.  I can't believe this school year is already over.   With end of school years comes PROM.  Out here in VA they have a Mormon Prom because regular school prom I guess is really risky...   This year Mormon Prom was titled London is Calling.  I saw the building as they were setting up.  It looked like it was going to be amazing.  From what I gathered from the kids,  It was!

Matthew was asked 6 months ago if he would make a balloon dress from one of the girls.   It took Matthew 8 hours to finish this dress.   I think he had fun doing it but I'm still really nervous about having so many balloons in the house with Charlotte's potential allergy.  No signs yet but I'm sure they are coming...

 Here's Chiara and Ian.   I'm so glad Chiara got to go.  She didn't go to her school PROM  so I'm glad she got to experience this.  The looked amazing.  She's wearing her host mom's dress.   So beautiful!
 Carolin had such a fun time with Zachery.   But she did not know how the heck you put on a corsage.  It took like three pins for it to stay on. 
 My two beautiful Germans, and their dates...
 The girls.  Aren't they all stunning.  I am so glad I was apart of this.   Kathryn has 12 more years before she gets to experience anything like this.  Holy moly that seems so long.  I don't want to even think about how old I'll be in 12 more years.  ah ah ah.  I just did! 

  The boys and the whole group.  We have a great group of kids in our ward.  They are all such good examples to Carolin.  She had a wonderful time because of the friendship of the youth in our ward.  I can't thank them enough for making her stay here more enjoyable!

The finished product of the dress.  The girl that wore this was the highlight of the PROM.  She had random people taking pictures of her all night. 

Carolin got to go to the School Prom too.  She went with a Anastasia  the other exchange student from Russia and a group of girls.  She had a blast at that one too.  I'm so glad she got to experience this part of American High school.   She has only 4 more half days left.   I can't believe it's almost over.   Her parents get her on Sunday.  I can't wait to meet them!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charlotte Walking

Check Charlotte out!

I didn't believe my eyes.  I got home from taking Carolin to Mutual and Matthew was playing walking games with Charlotte but always holding on her hand or shirt or holding a doll with her holding the other side.   But we just sat down and tried it and she went back and forth like 5 or 6 times.   It was amazing!  I knew she could do it!  She was so excited too.    I love the 'I did it" at the end.   Oh my goodness she was amazing!  

Check out the youtube link.  I'm so proud of my little girl! 

We need her to be proficient by january.  This is a great starting point.  6 more months and she'll be perfect!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Bean

So I was thinking that I have way to many ways to be in contact with friends.. Facebook, email, blog, support groups...  I've told some of those ways about our good news but failed to tell the blog world.   So here is our announcement!   We're expecting another fun little Weir to join our family come November.   We're all excited!  I'm a little nervous!  How do you go from 2 to 3.  That seems way harder to do then 1-2...   Anyway we'll keep you updated on our little beans progress.  It's got a good heart beat!  gender news coming in the next month or two!

Charlotte Turned Terrible oh I mean two!

We had playgroup on Charlotte's birthday so I brought Cupcakes for all the little ones.   These first two pictures are of her when we're singing Happy Birthday to her.  For some reason she was really shy about it. 

 Here is the opening of presents that evening.  Kathryn picked out a cute little Mommy horse and baby horse for her from the dollar store.  She really likes horses these days.

 I tried a new pinterest idea out for her birthday cake.  We did birthday cake waffles with ice cream and whip cream.  They were actually really yummy.    We lite the candles for her and started singing and before we ended she tried to touch the candles and got burned.   Next time Either I hope we're faster at stopping her or she learned her lesson.
 I was recommended to get her some play dough with the tools that go with them.  I still need a little rolling pin.  But SHE LOVES the PLAY DOUGH.  She asks everyday to play with play dough.  She's getting better at manipulating it and now really likes to make holes in it with  a pencil or crayon.  She usually asks for play dough and after that's out she asks for a crayon. 
 Isn't that shirt she's wearing cute.  It's on that Carolin got her for her birthday.  I had her hair back in two little ponies, she looked like a little farmer that day.  Adorable. 
I can't believe it's been two years.   She's grown up so fast.  Her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds.    She's trying to copy me for saying prayers.  It's so cute to hear her say things like thankful and Jesus. 

She's outgrown her braces.  Luckily they were able to just add to them to make them a little longer for her toes.  I don't think insurance would pay for another set after just 6 months.   I guess once she's been up and using her feet they now think they can grow. 

She loves to walk.  She doesn't like being in her stroller at all.  She likes doing that game 1,2,3 Jump with Matthew and I but she usually just says 3 and drops her legs thinking we'll jump her. 

Some Favorites of hers these days are play dough, walking, dollies, horses, Caiou, Kipper, books, riding on dads back like a horsey, hot dogs, gummies(fruit snacks), cheese, grapes, outside, chalk, doggies!

 How did my little baby with spina bifida grow from this below, to this strong, independent, beautiful little girl !

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Warm day = time in the stream

This was a few weeks ago, maybe even a month. It really hasn't been as warm as it was this day  since.   They girls had a blast playing in the water.  Kathryn chased the fish and found a worm and well any little critter around kathryn will find it and loves the play with it.     ( sad note  she wanted to take the worm home and had it in her had with a bunch of shells she wanted to take home too and when we got almost home she looked at it and said 'mom it's having babies!'  It had been cut in 3 different pieces from the shells in her hand.)

 I need to find some good water socks or shoes for Charlotte.  Even just sitting there she got a cut on her foot.  She didn't even know it.

 Poor worm...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Nags Head, NC

We took our little family and one friend to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I found this little Beach House/Cottage on Craigslist for our spring break vacation.  It was perfect.  I worried a bit about it being a real place as I had to pay all up front but it turned out to be an awesome place.  except for the fact that it was freezing and windy most of the time we were there it was a great vacation spot.  I'd really like to go back in the summer when its warmer.    It would be a great place for a few families to go into together and get one of the beach houses that sleep like 24 people.   Anyone want to do that with us this summer or next? 

The Beaches were amazing!  The sand was perfect!  I really loved the whole thing.  Kathryn loved playing in the sand and getting all dirty that first and only day it was warm enough to get wet. 

We visited some fun places while the weather was our of sorts for  any beach time. 

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island features the largest aquarium in the state — a 285,000-gallon ocean tank complete with sharks, sea turtles and hundreds of fish.

 Fort Raleigh National Historic Site protects and preserves known portions of England's first New World settlements from 1584 to 1590.

 Wright Brothers National  Memorial - Wind, sand, and a dream of flight brought Wilbur and Orville Wright to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where, after four years of experimentation, they achieved the first successful airplane flights in 1903. With courage and perseverance, these self-taught engineers relied on teamwork and application of the scientific process. What they achieved changed our world forever.
Cape Hatteras National Seashore - The sound of ocean waves, the starry night sky, or the calm of the salt marshes, you can experience it all. Shaped by the forces of water, wind, and storms these islands are ever changing. The plants, wildlife and people who live here adapt continually. Whether you are walking on the beach, kayaking on the sound, or climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse there is something for everyone to explore!

I got 3 stamps for my National Park Passport!  I love visiting national parks!

Happy Easter!