Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kathryn Goes Short

Kathryn Cut her own hair yesterday.  I came home and everyone was just doing what they do and I look at Kathryn and was like 'Kathryn, did you cut your hair?'   She said yes mom.  It's up in your bathroom.
I thought she looked like she had a mullet as she cut the two sides short to her ears and left that back.   I had to cut the rest of it.   Last night I wasn't sure it would turn out but this morning she looks way cute as you can see in the last picture of her.  She actually looks a little more grown up.   I've been wanting to cut her hair a bit anyway. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kathryn Fly's and Eye's

We were having some fun one day trying to get Kathryn to jump and me actually get a picture of her in the air.    This was fun!

 Here she goes!
 Up, Up, and Away!

I also wanted to check the Macro setting on my camera so I got some close ups on our eyes.   I can't believe how wrinkely I am.  That was a rude awakening.  Any one know of any amazing eye creams? 

Anyone guess which eye is Kathryn's and which eye is Charlotte's. It actually took me a second to realize which was which.    It's also amazing how gross your eye gets as you age.  Man where did my nice milky smooth skin go.  I'm sure I looked exactly like my girls did. 

Kathryn's 4th Birthday

Kathryn turned 4 this week.  She is getting to be such a big girl.   We brought cupcakes to her class at preschool.  She is the only girl of 9 boys.  She really adds to the dynamic of the class.  (side note, I found out she has a sort of boyfriend at school)  he shares his play dough with her).

She got to open her presents from Carolin first on her birthday.  She got a cute red shirt that glows in the dark and a pretty charm bracelet from Carolin's Parents and a really cute polka-dot dress from Carolin.   She loved the glow in the dark shirt! 

She got some stickers as well.  Charlotte had fun with the stickers.
 I asked Kathryn what she wanted for dinner and she said Pizza at a friends house.  So we went over to her friend Ryleighs and had Costco Pizza and cupcakes.  Kathryn loves going over to Ryleighs. 
 Here is Kathryn's Cake for her birthday party.   I think it turned out pretty good for being my first to use decorating tips and such.  It tasted good. 

The Princess party.  We invited the girls in Kathryn's primary class and one older girl friend.  I liked this party.  Small and Simple.  And they were all so CUTE!  We had 3 sleeping Beauties, 2 Cinderella's and one Fairy Princess.   I put on the invite to come as their favorite Princesses.  That made the party in and of it self. 
 Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday to Kathryn,
 Happy Birthday to you!

 We painted all the little girls finger nails with "Pal Nelish".  Thats what Kathryn calls it.  She switches the P and the N.  I correct her every time and she still calls it pal Nelish.   It was a fun day. 
Kathryn Sure is grown up.  There are times now that I say you can do this Kathryn your a big girl and she says no mom I'm not four yet I'm only Three and I have to remind her no you're a big girl now you had your birthday.    She likes to reason with you as to how big she is or what she is capable of doing to her age and size.   She said the other day that she couldn't be four cause she wasn't any bigger. 

Kathryn loves nail polish, lip gloss, princesses, strawberry shortcake,  Rugrats,  and pretty dresses.