Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kathryn Goes Short

Kathryn Cut her own hair yesterday.  I came home and everyone was just doing what they do and I look at Kathryn and was like 'Kathryn, did you cut your hair?'   She said yes mom.  It's up in your bathroom.
I thought she looked like she had a mullet as she cut the two sides short to her ears and left that back.   I had to cut the rest of it.   Last night I wasn't sure it would turn out but this morning she looks way cute as you can see in the last picture of her.  She actually looks a little more grown up.   I've been wanting to cut her hair a bit anyway. 

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Rogers Family said...

Oh no!! I LOVE the pouty face when she is in the middle of a haircut, LOL. To funny.