Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun With Kathryn

I watched Kash for Jessica the other day and this is them when Jessica came back and used the bathroom. They both were like let me in, let me in... Kathryn walks to follow Kash as he crawls way faster then Kathryn can walk. She is definitly a walker though. She isn't on her hands and knees much anymore. I think I can officially say I have a toddler. As she toddles around the house all the time!

Kathryn has just started to know where the laundry baskets are in her room and in my room and she likes to take all the clothes out and carry items around the house. I got her laundry bag out and put it on top of her. She playing inside the mesh basket for like 10 minutes. It was so funny.

I just love this little denim dress I got from Rachel. All Kathryns clothes are hand-me-downs from her cousins Rory and Paige and Some from Mandy. I'm so glad for sisters that live close by and that had girls before me.
Matt is the best dad for Kathryn. He doesn't like getting his picture taken though so it's a rare occasion that I get even this much of his face.
I watched My sisters kids Rory and Paige so Rachel and Mike could attend the temple. Kathryn has so much fun but sometimes doesn't know what to think about all the commotion. Paige is the one in the top of these two and I think she is a mini Rachel.

This is the picture I mentioned earlier that I can see myself in this picture.
This one you can see her two front teeth. She has the two front top and bottom teeth. We see the two next to the top ones coming in soon but haven't broken through yet. Isn't her eyes so pretty?
This was at Costco. She liked standing up in the cart instead of sitting in the seat. So many people told us how cute she was at the store. I love going to the store for that reason. She gets so much attention. One older lady at Fry's came up to us and was telling me how grateful she was that I was talking to my baby. That baby's need to be looked at and played with as much as possible. I don't see why you wouldn't talk with your baby.

So I like to take Kathryn outside for part of the day. I don't like being in the house all day so I get to have a few good pictures with the nice sun to light up my baby's face.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much going on

So, I feel bad for not posting anything lately. It seems I've got lots on my mind and not much time. I only get to use the computer when Kathryn's taking a nap and sometimes she doesn't take naps. Or at least very long ones. And then there is so much to do otherwise that it's hard to justify just sitting at the computer and posting a little note for the few people that look at my blog.

I won't even have any pictures for this one. I just want to post that we're all doing good. We're trying our hardest to get our website up and running with the best rankings we can. Kathryn is cutting some more teeth so is really cranky lately. She is such a cutie though. When I get around to getting my pictures off my camera. I'll have to show you one that I think looks exactly like me. I don't really ever see any of me in her but this picture reminds me of me so much.

Kathryn is our little walker now. I thought for awhile that I would just say she trys to walk until she can pull herself up from the middle of the floor but well that didn't last very long. She was getting up on her own like 2 days after really walking all on her own. I think she likes to walk more then crawl now. I sure would with our cold tile floors.

I'm trying to decide what to do for her first birthday. I know she won't remember anything of it but I guess for my sake I'd like to have the pictures and memories of her with her friends and family around who love her so much. I've about decided I'd have a little party here at my house for all her cousins to come and play and have pizza and play pin the candle on the cupcake. That way when she has her cake we can get her cleaned up easy after wards. I don't have a theme totally picked out but i guess I'll go to the dollar store and see what they have for little girl birthday party decor.

Another thing that has been on my mind - our mind is that we'd like to see if we can buy a house. I found the house I want but we more definitely don't have the money for that right now. I know I just need to suck it up and life in Granny's house for as long as we can but It would be so nice to have a place to call my own and a place for Kathryn to be able to play outside thats fenced in. We'll stay here until we can save enough and pay off enough debt to be able to afford one without me having to get a job. I wouldn't mind working from home for a few hours but so far I've been unsuccessful at finding something that would work with my time and abilities.

I've also been thinking about having another baby. Matt is so good at having faith that they will come when they come but I seem to think they should come when I want them to and they don't. We're not actually trying to get pregnant but we're not preventing one either. My doctor in July said he'd have me make my year appointment but thought he'd see me sooner then that... So far no need to see the good OB. I just feel like I'm not getting any younger and I want to have a decent sized family before we're to old. plus Kathryn needs someone to play with. I think she in lonely with just mom around to play with. Another thing that has been bothering me lately though is that my Dad has diabetes and my mom just got diagnosed with it as well. So my mom just had a class on the management of it and they said that women that had Gestational Diabetes who didn't loose their birth weight by the time they had the second one are most likely to get diabetes in the next few years then ones that loose the weight they gained before the first baby. So that has been worrying me to. I've not tried as hard as I could to loose the weight but I find it so hard for me to eat right when I'm home all day. Its just to easy to go get a sandwich or snack on something else all day long instead of eating like I should. I've gotten lazy in what I make for dinner and most of the time it isn't something healthy. I've been at the same weight since my last doctors appointment in July. So I guess I should be grateful I haven't gained any but I sure wish I could loose that blasted 30 lbs that I still need to get off. I know that I would be more healthy and the baby would be to if i could get that off before a new baby comes along.

Well I guess this has been long enough. Especially one without pictures. Thanks for reading this if you got this far.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Years

I can't believe its been 10 years since my High School Graduation. It both seems like a really long time ago and like it was yesterday.

What have I done of note in the last 10 years???
I went to Ricks College in Idaho and chickened out after a year cause I don't like being in the cold snowy weather.
I went to Chandler Gilbert for a bit
I went to Mesa Community for a Bit
I went back to Chandler Gilbert to get my AA in general studies... how lame am I. I never did figure out what I wanted to be...
I Joined a network marketing company, Teambuilders, which I devoted the next 6 years of my life trying to become wealthy and what I gained was an awesome library of knowledge and not a dime of income.
I worked at Power Postal, to move up to Brown Property Management, to move up to Relationship manager at First National Bank of Arizona, to move on to being a full time Mom.
I did travel once or twice. Once to England with my family and then once to Kentucky for a business trip and to see family and then the annual trip to the family ranch, a trip to the beautiful Pagosa Springs, CO and a few trips to San Diego of I can' forget Cruise for a honeymoon!
I've been in quite a few different wards for my church. Since being married I've been in the Primary the whole time. I guess I need to learn to teach kids.
I married the Man of my dreams Matthew Weir.
Who then gave me the most precious baby Kathryn Olivia.
Right now I'm having the hardest time getting back to pre-pregnancy weight so we can add number 2 to the family.
I'm also trying my best to help get our Search Engine rolling. Web Host Comparisons WILL be the best source for finding hosting there is!

Doesn't seem like that much but I've done what I can. Being married is the best thing ever and I hope to enjoy the next 10 years just as much!

For those of you who graduated with me, Mariah Starr has started a website for us Check it out and get your contact info there so you don't miss out on the festivities. I hope to see all of you there where ever that maybe.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Five Crowns

The other night we had Matt's Aunt and Uncle, Nanette and Ben, come over to play cards. They are always hosting parties and games, so we had them come to our house. We played this game called Five Crowns. It's kind of like phase 10 but faster. The goal is to not get points.

Matt won this game all the way to 13 rounds with only 21 points. I want to know if any of you have played this game and what the lowest score was for your game. Our Uncle Ben says that is the lowest score he has ever seen.

Matt is a master at winning games. Don't ever think of playing any video/computer game with him and expect to win. He will win. I don't even come close. The only games I get close at winning are the luck games. Well I've won a few games of our Railroad game, and our pirates game. And we just got Battleship and I won that game to. So maybe I do win some of the time.

We love to play games. We have a whole big trunk full of games. If any of you like to play games we would love to have a game night. We have some fast games and some long games and some of the originals like Monopoly, and some you probably have never heard of like Tsuro.So this is a post to find out if Matt has the lowest score ever in the Five Crowns and to see if anyone wants to come have a game night sometime. Let me know and we can get together for some fun treats and games!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Long post of the Holidays and more

So I've been slacking on putting in my Christmas posts and such. So here it goes. I'vejust put my pictures in at random and will explain each one. I think it will be easier that way.
This is the last night Dec 30th with Matt's youngest sister Maryann as she had a flight the next morning at 7 to Utah to enter the MTC on Dec 31st. She is going to Charlotte, North Carolina. Kathryn will be 2 and a half when Maryann gets home.
One of Kathryns presents this Christmas. She loves this walker. She runs with it and sometimes can turn a corner. She'll be walking in no time.

My mom got Kathryn this rubber duckie bath set. Its a mommy duck that can hold 3 baby duckies on its back. Its so cute.

This is Christmas morning. I think she likes the paper more then she likes the presents. She's wearing her Christmas Eve PJ's. I got a 2 set they say Good Night and Good Morning on the front.

Here is our Christmas Tree. You can see I have a toddler now as all the balls are up higher on the tree. Kathryn wasn't to fascinated at first but got really into the tree later on.

Another Christmas picture. She likes the paper and climbing through everything.

This is a few days before. She had done so well at not getting into the presents so I didn't worry about it but one day I here some crinkeling and this is what I found. She had opened one of her toys. To bad she didn't open my suprise gift from Matt... I got a really nice Foot Massager. Its wonderful and easy to use.

We had family pictures taken and Matt and I had some fun with our own camera while the rest of my family were getting set up. Do we really look alike? I will post some of pictures as soon as I get some. it was for the Turley family , which is not really Turley any more as my parents were the only Turleys there. I guess thats what you get for having only girls. We had Carrolls, Hanchetts, Weirs, Nickersons, Brimhalls, and we were missing the Shooks /Kleins but hope to get them photoshoped in later.

Here is the gingerbread making tradition. Matt was in charge this year and well I think he liked eating it better then he liked making it.

Here is Chloe with her House. She did great.

This is what Kathryn was doing that night. Playing with my Mom's Christmas Balls.

Here is Rory with her pretty house. And She's wearing her new Christmas Dress.

Savannah at the start of her house. By the end it was the most unusual house and had the most candy and frosting on it then any other!

Here is our walking baby. She is taking a few steps here and there. She can stand all alone for about a minute. She's walking more and more. She'll definatly be walking before her first birthday!

Kathryns Christmas Dress. It is a three peice dress, Jacket and hat. She doesn't like the Hat so I put the black ribbon in her hair. Oh by the way I don't let her play in the bathroom but she was in there when I was getting ready and I had to take a picture. I actually tried to get this without the toilet in the picture but failed. Isn't she a doll!

This is something new she's started doing. She likes to stick her finger up her nose. Its so cute and silly. We pull it out and she sticks it right back in there. I love those rosey cheeks as well.

Here we are at Matt's Moms house in Snowflake. We went up to here Maryann give her Farewell talk. It was fun being with family right before the holidays. Donna loves to decorate and her house was beautiful.

Maryann and Matthew are crazy. They tease each other and have fun as much as possible. We're going to miss seeing her even the few times we usually see her. No more Thanksgivings for a while.
So Kathryn didn't really like Santa this year. This is at our Ward Christmas party. She sure looked like a cute little Santa's helper but didn't like being held by a strange man with a big fuzzy beard. Maybe next year.