Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween things

I had my sister in law Micah take pictures of Kathryn in her Halloween costumes. She did such a great job. You can find her pictures at

My Wildlife Encounter with Cows and Lions

I took just a few while Micah was charging up her camera batteries. She got all the Cow pictures and I only got a few lion ones.

My brother in Law Jared gets way into carving pumpkins and I thought I'd give it a try too. I saw this idea in a magazine while getting a pedicure. It was a two stacked pumpkin of a skeleton. Kathryn had a lot of fun with the knives. yes I said Knives. She didn't much like the pumpkin guts though. This is my try for a carving before the annual Heaton pumpkin carving contest next Friday. I'm not nearly as precise as Jared is but who says you have to be perfect. To check out some of Jared's master pieces, check out the link below.

Carving Pumpkins!

Isn't Kathryn a cutie!

New Baby in the Family

So I guessed one day late for my sister to have her baby. She had him on the 20th at like 1PM. I went down there to see him a few hours later. He's definitely a cute little boy.

Caleb Michael. Was was 7 lbs and some change. I don't remember. Just smaller then the girls and not nearly as much hair.

Welcome to the family Caleb!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Pics of Kathryn

This past weekend we spent at home and well Kathryn was a whirlwind of messes. This is just one of the messes. Yes she was playing with the trash can. I've put it up high were she can't get it anymore.
Kathryn doesn't always like shopping with me.
She loves to put things on her head. This box is usually the holder of the blocks and Army men. This means that they are strewn all over the floor somewhere.
I got out all of my bracelets the other day and Kathryn had a blast with them. The only bad part was that she wanted Matthew to wear them too and most of them didn't fit on Matthew's hands. Lately she's loved having anything on her wrist or on her fingers. We have some wooden stacking rings that she's been putting on her fingers. It's so cute.

Anyway I've not liked that I haven't put any pictures on lately so here's a few of my little girl. Man she's sure growing up.

Shones Dam - Snowflake

Over Conference weekend we went to Snowflake to watch with Matthew's parents. It was a nice trip but I think next time we'll plan more in advance.

In the middle of the sessions on Saturday we loaded up the car with Brian and Julie's kids and Carolina and went to Shones Dam. For some fun rock climbing. I got some pictures of Kathryn and Matthew took his new Video camera and fly Cam to see how it would work.
He posted the video footage on YouTube. Check it out. This camera is awesome.

Kathryn did really good climbing on all those rocks. I was amazed. She loved it. Well no wonder anytime she see's a rock she has to pick it up or say "rock, rock".

I have to add this one is as it's just so cute. She found Grandma Weir's gardening hat and wore that around the place. She was so cute!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glucose test... Already...

Since I had gestational Diabetes with Kathryn my doctor said he wanted me to take the 3 hour glucose test early. and if I'm not this time I'll have to do the same 3 hour test again later on when you normally have it at like 28-30 weeks.

In my mind I was thinking maybe I should just have the diabetes so I don't have to do this dang test again. But then logic came to me and said YOU DON'T WANT TO BE DIABETIC!!!! Take the stupid test again.

So I got myself ready and fasted the night before and morning. No food or drink and went in bright and early Monday morning and to the dismay of the technician and myself I am not hydrated enough and my blood is not flowing. The lady asked if I had drank anything and I said no cause that is what the paper telling me what to do said and she was like no no you have to drink water or we won't be able to get any blood going. So with two pokes of a needle and no blood she sent me home. to come back another day to try again.

So I went on Thursday morning and drank a lot of water and well the tech still had a hard time finding my veins. But I didn't want to come back so for only 5 pokes instead of the 4 I was supposed to have I was set. And I only got one bruise for all those pokes.

I got to prepare my Sharing time lesson while waiting the first hour and then read magazines the next hour and then read talks and the Liahona that I brought the 3rd hour.

My Sharing Time was Awesome today. We had our primary program today. I was told this is like the worst day to have sharing time but it was fantastic. It couldn't have gone any better!

Anyway, I haven't gotten a call back from my Doc so I hope that is a good sign. I really don't want to have to prick my finger for the whole pregnancy. It was bad enough the last month and a half last time.

I feel like my belly is getting bigger already. I don't like wearing a belt so my pants sag under my belly. I'll have to get the maternity clothes from my sister Rachel as soon as she's done with them in a week or so. She's having her first BOY on the 21st. well that's my guess anyway! Until then I get to sag my pants cause I don't like anything tight on my tummy.

Oh yeah the yucky feeling isn't as persistent anymore. But I have this awful taste in my mouth most of the time. I hope no one is close enough to be able to tell how awful it actually is. if you have I'm sorry. I try to keep mints or mouth wash handy.

well things couldn't be better today. I look great in my purple maternity dress and the program and sharing time were a success. Now we will be going to my parents for family BBQ dinner. Its been a great day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Weir #2

Many of you know that we've been trying to add to our family for quite some time now and finally we are proud to say we are expecting baby Weir#2 on May 12, 2010!!!

I went in for my annual visit in July and asked about fertility or if something was wrong and he said to try again being more 'aggressive' for the next 3 months and if that doen't work come in in October and then we could try the first steps of fertility. But I guess his advice worked cause August comes along and that did the trick.

I had my first appointment Oct 5th and the first thing my Doctor said was 'well that didn't take very long'. He said everything seemed to be fine and that he'll do an ultrasound at my next appointment. I think to make sure we're still all in the right places as I've had one ectopic pregnancy before.

So I'm 9 weeks already and am feeling the affects of morning or well all day sickness. No throwing up but just nauseus most of the time. Its not fair. I had a perfect pregnancy with kathryn, not sick a day except for a couple UTI's but this is yucky! I am sorry for those other women who are sick all the time! how do you do it!

Well, we are excited to have a new member of the family join our little trio.

If anyone wants to know the other details of what my doc said about trying more let me know. He seemed to know exactly what we needed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Halloween

So my sister Shelley got this idea of making an advent calendar for Halloween. She has a tutorial on her website on how this is done if you want to make one. It was quite simple. Kathryn likes to get the little goodies out of the bottom pockets. Lucky for me I didn't put candy in the bottom. I got little fun Halloween erasers. She likes the one with the black cat on it.

I love Halloween! Well I love all holidays that I can decorate for. I got this calendar and a fun table clothe with spider webs on it. Those are my additions for this year. I limit my self to 1 or 2 new things a year.
I think I'm going to go with the Lion for Kathryn. That won out fair and square. I might do both for different parties though so we can get some good pictures of both! I can't wait!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cow or a Lion

I need you all to vote for Kathryn's Halloween costume.


or COW!!!

Big Girl

We took one of the walls off Kathryn's bed this week. Not so good for the first couple days. Thanks to Amber, Matthew's cousin for a wonderful little wall that she can still get in and out of she had a wonderful night last night. She only woke up once for a drink. She looked so excited to get in and out of her crib, oh I mean big girl bed. She's getting so big and grown up.