Friday, May 27, 2011

Visual or not

I just read a blog post of one of my friends back in az that has a baby who is hearing impaired/ deaf for all purposes of the word. He has hearing aids and just got tubes put in his ears so she knows that people SEE he is different. She said she was glad to have a visual disablilty compared to one that people can't SEE. It made me think about Charlotte and how she really doesn't look different then any other little 13 month old. She's cute as can be and can now get around crawling. But She does have Spina Bifida.

Ok stop I don't know where I'm going with this.

1. Would I rather have a child that is visually disabled so that I get more empathy or people feeling sorry for me
2. Would I have it how it is and have a perfectly wonderful child that no one knows the difference and I'm treated the same everyday until they see her back or see that I change her diaper differently or just until something comes up and then have them ask questions.

I think part of me likes the empathy and the wow you must be an amazing person to care for a child with a disability. I got so many comments when I was pregnant with her about how I must be amazing as our Father in Heaven wouldn't send such a spirit into my life if I couldn't handle it. I liked feeling like maybe I had more purpose then.

Now no one knows us out here expect out ward family and even some of them and the new people don't know anything about our story and they just treat us like everyone else. So I don't have to explain whats wrong or anything cause she looks completely normal.

Sitting in the grocery cart she gets more ooo's How Cute your baby is then anyone. And I have so much pride in that. She's sitting up, holding her self up, smiling at all the people. Interacting with the world. She's perfect!

I don't know where I was going with this post but my friends post made an impact on me and well I was thinking about it and thought I'd try to get some thing written down about it. I haven't put much depth into my posts lately.

Anyway Charlotte is doing great. She's got a summer cold right now but other then that she's my getting into things, crawling, pulling to her knee's little girl!

Monday, May 23, 2011

SB Bowling and Swimming

This past weekend we had the Spina Bifida Bowling Party. It was on an Army base here in VA. They had the lights out and black lights on and disco balls going. It was fun. We had pizza and drinks and Even Kathryn got to bowl and get of the ever so awesome bowling shoes. She had lots of fun. Charlotte liked all the flashing lights and tried getting them on the floor.

Maybe next year Charlotte will be old enough to help push the ball down the ramp!

Kathryn has really been wanting to go swimming so I cleaned out the turtle and filled it up with the hose water. Charlotte really liked it but Kathryn well not so much. She could tell it was way to cold but they had fun anyway.

Kathryn liked splashing but was always just getting Charlotte. Not cool for the one getting splashed but Kathryn was having a ball!

And here Charlotte was on the floor and then I look back and she's up on her knee's! She's done it a couple times since then. She sure is growing up. So much progress in just a short time. I love it!

Happy Mothers Day

I asked Matthew for a Corsage to wear to church for mothers day and he had Kathryn help pick on out. It was beautiful. I was the only mom at church with a pretty flower. I felt wonderful!
My girls that made me the mom I am. I couldn't be more happy with the special spirits that have been sent to me and Matthew. Kathryn is our Fire Cracker and Charlotte is our lovie. She Keeps me humble, except when she does such miracles like crawling and standing. She gives me so much to be proud of.
And I don't usually get pictures of myself but I had to get one with my babies. One day I'll like to get pictures of myself but until then you get to have pictures of my beautiful girls.

I guess I would be remiss if I didn't put a little blurb about my mother and Mother in Law.

Thank you Mom Turley and Mom Weir for the examples you are and the love you give to my family. Thanks for raising Matthew and I in the ways of Righteousness. I miss you both and can't wait to come and visit this summer!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Charlotte is on the move!

Charlotte has just started in the last month to army crawl forward. and Just the last few days she's started staying up on her hands and knee's more too. It's so much fun to see her get around.

I especially love when I'm in the kitchen and she is in the other room and she finds me. I have to be careful now when she's up stairs to not let her alone to long or she might make it to the stairs and go down head first...

Out Doors

More spring colors for your enjoyment!
We went out on the first day we could that was nice and windy and not rainy to fly a kite. It got really hot out well 80 or so degree's so we decided to go cool off in the stream down from us. The girls loved it. I'm quite suprised Kathryn got in as far as she did. The water was so nice and refreshing. We'll be spending some time there this summer for sure.

Our kite flying adventure. Kathryn did pretty good holding on to the end. It stayed up for awhile and then the wind would die down then it would pick up again and die down again. Over all it was a fun afternoon.

Ok some more fun flower pics. I still can't get over how pretty it is here.

Charlotte's Birthday Party

We had just a few friends come over to help celebrate Charlotte's birthday with a party.
This pretty little dress was a gift from one of my friends.
The aftermath of the birthday cake for Charlotte. She didn't have any qualms about digging into her cake.
Happy birthday to Charlotte, Happy birthday to Charlotte, Happy birthday to Charlotte, Happy birthday to you!
Kathryn helped blow out hte candle!

She ate probalby a little more then half of the little cake.
the little friends that came to help celebrate. eating cupcakes!

Helen and Maria with their kids. Thanks so much for coming and helping us celebrate the birth of our little Charlotte.

Easter - the egg's and bunny side

Have to start out Easter with a beautiful picture. Spring is amazing. I can't tell you how awesome it was this spring to see the daffodils shot out everywhere. Then came the Tulips and now there are Iris's everywhere. Besides the tree's that blossomed. Color was everywhere.
Kathryn's stash. There was a limit on how many egg's they could get so kids wouldn't feel left out but she did good.
A friend in the ward does a huge Easter gathering at her house and this was her 3rd annual Easter party that got rained out for the first day and had to have it the following Saturday after Easter but it was still fun for all.
They did a relay race. Kathryn and I were a team as she was to small for some of the things. Here she is hopping like a bunny. Isn't she a cute bunny.
And this was Charlotte the whole time. Just having fun in the grass.
We did dye some eggs this year. Kathryn did a good job and I got to try out my pressure cooker for cooking eggs. It worked good.

I'm sad I didn't get pictures of them in their easter dresses but maybe I'll just dress them like that tomorrow and add it in as a easter picture. ha ha no one will ever know.. oh wait I just told you...