Friday, December 24, 2010

Work Party = Fun Give aways

Matthew's new job had a Christmas party at a nice Restaurant in Reston. He works for a company that contracts with DOD and well I guess they are doing a pretty good job.

Matthew was telling me about past parties that he was told about from his coworkers but I was in for a real treat. I knew it was all for real when we got there and everyone got a Apple TV for just being there. Retail $99.00. There were probably 35 employee's there. Then we got a raffle ticket for other prizes to come. There was a plentiful corner of liquid refreshments that we didn't partake in and lots of fun fancy clothes to look at. And the Prize table. Holy cow I was amazed at the prizes.
My top 3 choices on the table was the

1. Home Theatre System with Blu-Ray player
2. One of the 4 lap top computers
3. IPad
Other items on the table and then some I didn't know cause they were certificates
4. Pocket video camera
5. two $500 visa cards
6. Amazon Kindle
7. Pulse Pen
8. Laser Color Canon Printer
9. Pulse picture viewer.
10. gift cards for $150 to the restaurant we were at.

Everyone got something so if you weren't in the drawing you got a certificate of some sort. We won the Kindle, that had a $25.00 amazon gift card attached. I love it. We bought the full standard works for church so my RS bag isn't so blasted heavy. I've downloaded two audible books from Which is fun to have it read to me. I've been listening to it while I did my baking. It's really fun. This one retails at about $139.00. So I think we did ok.

The Apple TV I think we'll be selling as the HDMI cable and the optical cable that we need is pricey and it's just cheaper to go to redbox then rent from Itunes. and the Netflix down loadable movies just wasn't what we liked when we had it for the few months in San fran. Don't know for sure yet. We'll see Matt was joking today that we'll keep it cause he just bought us a blu-ray player. Fun for Christmas!

Spina Bifida Christmas Party

Take a good look at this santa, I'm certain he was the real thing. All his real hair, big bowl full of jelly belly, jolly old man. And the kids loved him. I guess he's there main attraction for the past few years parties too.

We went to the Spina Bifida Association's Christmas Party this last weekend. It was fun to see some friends I see at the Monthly Brunches and see lots of new friends. So many cute little kids rolling around in their wheel chairs.

It was at an Elks Club, there was a puppet show when we first got there then lunch was already underway downstairs. Santa came and gave each of the kids a wonderful gift. I let Kathryn open her gift as the other kids were opening theirs. She got the Tiki Barbie Elephant from the movie Enchanted Island. I think. It's actually a really cool toy. It's magnetic and lifts the two dolls that it came with up on it's truck and sits them down on his back. Way cool.
Kathryn really wanted to open Charlottes and I've said no we're waiting for Christmas for her's but it now has a whole in the wrapping so I hid is so Kathryn would stop pestering me about it. It's a good thing that the only presents out under the tree are things we've gotten in the mail or we would not be having a christmas on Christmas, All the gifts would be opened by my little mischievious little girl.

Thank you SBA for the wonderful party and gifts for my daughters!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

So my last post was a teaser for what was to come. Today it snowed for 5 hours straight, Below is some pictures as it gradually gets deeper and deeper. It was fun to watch it snow and see the change from dusted over to ALL WHITE. Kathryn loved playing in it. She's a fan, and mom, she even loved eating it.
I found out that we are missing some key elements of snow gear.
1. snow shovel
2. sand/salt
3. water proof WARM gloves - how can we build a snowman without these
4. snow boots- how do we trapce around the park without these
5. snow pants - how can we go sledding without these
6. Sled/ snow disc of some sort - see #5 can't really go sledding without a sled.
7. water proof snow suit for Charlotte- can't play in the snow if I have to hold her all the time, need a wagon with a cover to pull her around in so I can put loads of blankets around her and keep her warm

Just some ideas if anyone is looking for things we might need this year!

I love this picture! Look at that snow fall right on her tongue!
After all is done this is the after math of the 5 hour snow fall!
Where's the turtle???

Monday, December 13, 2010

It Snowed or rather Dusted

Christmas Card... well sort of

So to say that I've been busy this year is well and understatement or quite the opposite. I'm not sure. Having been in the Mormon Choir of Washington DC and two little girls and a Dave Ramsey class the last 13 weeks and just life I think I've been pretty busy in general but If you actually look at my days you'd be like, and why are you not getting anything done, like some Christmas cards for your friends and family that you don't see any more since you moved so far away. I'm going to blame it on the cold weather, it has frozen me and I can't move much now that it's 30 degree's and WINDY! I can always blame the weather right?

So here is what I would have said if a letter had I sent a letter.

Dear Family and Friends,

What a year we have had. So many changes have happened in the last year. I'll try to wrap the year in one short paragraph maybe two, to catch up all those who haven't been keeping up with us crazy Weir's otherwise.

December 28th we find out our newest edition will be a Beautiful baby girl with a problem with her back, Spina Bifida, after a long thinking period we decide it will be best to participate in a trial to either close her back inutero or after she's born. We get picked for the first and have surgery January 25 in San Francisco at UCSF. We loved our time in San Francisco and got to see a lot of fun things and meet some really awesome people, though we missed our little Kathryn so much. We got to stay in California for the next 3 months to await Charlotte's arrival on April 19th, we then came home April 26th for a much needed family reunion!

Matthew had taken a job in Virginia in January but they let him telecommute for the time we were there and for a few months after. He then headed out to Virginia again in May to find us a place to live. We signed a year long contract and thought it would be fun to try the east coast and what better place then 30 miles from the Capital! The girls and I along with my parents came out the end of June and made ourselves at home. We've loved our new ward and the beauty of the East. Tree's galore and we live by a nature trail that often has deer and such animals. It has been fun to see the seasons change. I'm most grateful for the summer, humidity to be gone!! I am so a dry heat kind of girl! And not the leaves are gone and we actually had our first snow fall that stuck to the ground for a few hours this morning. We are looking forward to the next year with great anticipation and hoping it will not be so up and down as the last!

So here is what we're up to now,
Matthew- Came out here to work for Intercel in web design/ programming and has since after being in the Dave Ramsey class realized we needed to do a little gazelle intensity at our debt and decided it was best for our family for him to get a second job. He landed a job that contracts with the Military and so had to get a Secret Security Clearance. He's doing programming there too. He's also done his first try at video journalism with a guy he found of Craigslist from India. He's also had a greensuit made and purchased a Green/Blue Screen for making fun videos. When he has some time I"m sure he'll want to play with this more. He is our wards favorite balloon guy and the missionaries best friend. They think he's the most awesome guy and I don't blame the, he is. He's the Elders Quorum Secretary and I'm pretty sure that now that the activities committee has been disbanded he'll get asked to do some activities for all the ideas he keeps throwing at the Elders Quorum. He's working from 7-3:30 and then 6-12 with an hour commute in there so we don't get a lot of Daddy time but he's doing a really good job keeping up with what he has to do! He is our super daddy!

Heather- I guess the biggest thing for me is that I actually tried out, had to audition and made the Mormon Choir of Washington DC. We've had some amazing concerts in the last few weeks. From doing a concert at the Strathmore with the Orchestra of Washington DC with Jenny Oaks Baker as guest violinist, to singing for His Excellency the Ambassador for Vietnam, to a nice fireside in Maryland that had well over 500 people attending. We have some amazing concerts coming up for the next year including one in February for Black History month with a baptist choir. I have so much fun in this choir. There are 6 from my ward in the choir so it's fun to car pool and get to know more of the ladies in the ward.
The girls keep me busy and trying to keep my house in order, going grocery shopping, meals, laundry, doing Visiting Teaching, keeping up with my calling as Relief Society Secretary and trying to remember and keep appointments for Charlotte. I am always going, going, going, but take my occasional break to get a episode of Glee, Psych, or House. I guess I do have my down time too.

Kathryn- Wow my almost 3 year old is the energizer bunny! She loves playing at friends houses and doesn't like coming home when it's time. She hates sleeping but takes the longest naps if I can get her to just fall asleep. I think she thinks she'll miss something if she's sleeping. She's gotten really good at computer games. She especially loves playing all the games on Nick Jr and PBS kids. She can do the mouse and go to different games all by herself. Which is really nice when I need to be working with Charlotte for awhile. We're trying potty training off and on as she'll be doing really good and then gets sick and has a really long set back. She still has her once a month Fever which we still can not figure out. I hope it doesn't last very long. She's getting big and can open the fridge and loves it when she can get the milk out when it's not to heavy. She loves saying she's going to be big like me and that she is a big girl. She doesn't let me call her my baby any more. Oh and she is so smart! we'll be looking for a preschool for her next year for sure!

Charlotte- almost 8 months and going! Charlotte is doing so well. I couldn't have imagined what life would be like with a child with Spina Bifida and if you do imagine that it is was worse then what it actually is. Charlotte is the best baby! Seriously! Only cries when she needs to poop, she's been sleeping through the night since 3 months and takes awesome naps. She's also really good with other people. Only a few times have I noticed a little stranger anxiety but otherwise she is all smiles. She gets handed off to other's in our ward every Sunday.
Medically speaking she's doing really well too, No problems so far. We still have to Cath her every 3-4 hours and watch her closely for Shunt failure. She's in Physical Therapy twice a month and Developmental Therapy once a month. I hope to start Occupational Therapy when she gets a little older. She's doing really well in her therapies, or rather I'm doing well at doing them with her in the in between times. She's rolling over both ways now, can sit up holding herself with her hands and is in the process of learning how to crawl/ army crawl. I think there might be something wrong with her eye's so we see Opthomalogy tomorrow, hope nothing to serious. We've been to the Spina Bifida Clinic at DC Childrens and had a great time there. We'll go back sometime in January for more followups. She's started receiving Respite care from a girl in our ward. I think it will work out well.

Well That was by far the longest Christmas letter and you probably won't get through it all in one sitting but if you did good for you.
An end to all letters, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas

Our house is getting ready for one of the Best holidays of the year. I love Christmas, I loved the Christmas Devotional this year and all the wonderful Christmas Music that I've been able to sing and listen to. There are so many beautiful Christmas songs out there. I was introduced to a new one I love now called Star Bright. Matthew and I are singing it at our wards Christmas Party tomorrow. I may have someone record it for us.

So here goes
Our Beautiful Tree!

The Christmas ball wreath I just tried to make today I didn't have enough balls but this will have to do as it's just hanging on the bathroom door cause it's to fat to put on the front door with the screen closed. I realized this season that I don't have anything christmasy wreath like to put on my front door. I guess My search is still on with this not working for the door.
I just did this today too. I've felt really bad about not being able to put lights outside because of no outlets but I think I did a pretty good job even if it isn't lighted.
And my Nativities, well the breakable ones that are out of reach of the little hands in the house.

The newest member as of last year. I wonder what it will be this year?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that we keep the true meaning of Christmas in our lives. Even the Grinch realized that it isn't the decorations, the presents, the Santa that makes a Christmas special it's the joy of our Saviors Birth and the Love He has shown to all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple

33rd Annual Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple

I got to sing at the Lighting Ceremony tonight, that was a invitee only event. It was for the Ambassador's and congress and such dignitaries. His Excellency Le Cong Phung, Ambassador of Vietnam was the main speaker at this event. It was amazing to sing for such officials.

Our closing number was Peace Peace/ Silent night. We had a Vietnamese couple sing the first verse in Vietnamese. I felt the spirit so strong it was hard to do the Ooo's in the background. Tears were certainly forming in my eyes. I think it made it so special that this couple were refugee's from Vietnam as they were kicked out of their country and they told a member of the choir that it will not be a problem to sing for the ambassador as it has been a long time and it was time to put all that behind them.

I get to sing tomorrow for all the invited City Officials in the area. I am so glad i actually tried out for the Mormon Choir of Washington. I was so nervous and just knew I blew my audition but thankfully they saw past my nervousness. I love being in the choir. Our season is almost over for the year. two more concerts and one more practice. It's been a busy last few weeks.

Anyone in the area, please come to see the Temple. It was glorious!

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Even being away from family we ended up having family around us! Thank you Ted and Hisako for making the 10 hour drive to have this holiday with us. It wouldn't have been the same with out you, and dinner would not have been so good!!!

This was the first year I've ever had dinner and all at my home. We have always gone somewhere else for Thanksgiving. I suppose the one year at Ricks College counts but I'm going to leave that out cause I didn't have to do all the preparing.

I was worried I'd forget something because I was planning on having Hisako help/ do lots of the cooking with me. I got everything I needed but just so happened to forget about all the other times they were going to be here. I guess I have a one track mind when it comes to preparing for a huge meal, the little meals in between didn't even cross my mind. Thankfully we had enough odds and ends to manage through the whole weekend.

Ted and Hisako and Family got here about 7 Wednesday evening after a frightful drive with Ken driving part of the way. Thankfully they made it alright. We had frozen pizza and tortellini for them. We stayed up and talked awhile and then all got to bed around 10ish.

Thanksgiving morning all the big kids and men went to our non ward sponsored Ultimate Frisbee game while Hisako and I cooked, and cooked and prepared and prepared. We got the Turkey in the Oven at noon and ate around 5:30. We played Quelf which was funny and then the adults but me went on a drive to Culpeper which I found out turned out to be just a really long drive to get some groceries Hisako wanted to add to the party.

All the food was amazing if I do say so my self and I do as I've had some of it for the last 5 days. I didn't get any pictures of the pies but they were all amazing too. Pumpkin Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue prepared by me, Apple and Pumpkin Pie from Hisako and two ice cream pies, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip provided by one of Ted's good friends that joined us from Snowflake who's here in the military but his family is gone to Bulgaria. Dessert was a high light of the night as always.

Friday we hung out at the house lots of the day and the kids had fun playing the Wii. I totally won the archery game! We played Catch phrase a lot too. We took them out to Bull Run Park to a trail that Matthew and I had been on before to help get some of the wiggles out. To much inside after eating a lot can get to you. After that fun walk we came home and Matthew and Hisako went to work on preparing yet another fancy meal of Japanese food. Dang I should have gotten pictures. Matthew invited the missionaries over for that. They sure do love coming to out house. I think all the young men in our ward including the missionaries think Matt is the coolest guy on the planet.

Oh we watched a cool Japanese cartoon about an earthquake in Japan. made me cry.

On Saturday I was out the door to my concert at the Maryland Music Center, Strathmore for the concert with the Mormon Choir and Orchestra at 7:45am. and Ted and Family left around 9 I think. Matthew had the girls all day and they were asleep in bed when I finally arrived home at 11pm that night. Such a long and glorious day. I'll post another Choir post later. As I have two concerts this week for the Ambassadors and City officials in the area at the DC Temple Visitor Center. AWESOME!!! I can't wait.

It was so fun to have a full house. Kathryn loved playing with her cousins and even had a sleep over in her room with her girl cousins. She slept on the floor and gave her bed her Erika. She's growing up so fast.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembered to give thanks for all our many blessings!