Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple

33rd Annual Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple

I got to sing at the Lighting Ceremony tonight, that was a invitee only event. It was for the Ambassador's and congress and such dignitaries. His Excellency Le Cong Phung, Ambassador of Vietnam was the main speaker at this event. It was amazing to sing for such officials.

Our closing number was Peace Peace/ Silent night. We had a Vietnamese couple sing the first verse in Vietnamese. I felt the spirit so strong it was hard to do the Ooo's in the background. Tears were certainly forming in my eyes. I think it made it so special that this couple were refugee's from Vietnam as they were kicked out of their country and they told a member of the choir that it will not be a problem to sing for the ambassador as it has been a long time and it was time to put all that behind them.

I get to sing tomorrow for all the invited City Officials in the area. I am so glad i actually tried out for the Mormon Choir of Washington. I was so nervous and just knew I blew my audition but thankfully they saw past my nervousness. I love being in the choir. Our season is almost over for the year. two more concerts and one more practice. It's been a busy last few weeks.

Anyone in the area, please come to see the Temple. It was glorious!

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Carianne said...

That is so great that you are enjoying the choir! I bet you sounded great. Do you know my uncle Gary Clawson?