Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kathryn's birthday present and my Christmas present

I got a wonderful Christmas present this year! I got a sewing machine. It was so almost a suprise. I didn't know until Christmas eve when the gal in our ward that got if for Matthew came over to drop it off. But I was so Excited in side for that day when I got to open it up and try it out.
I wanted to make something for Kathryn for her Birthday coming up in 2 weeks So Matthew and I dropped by the Fabric store and I picked out 3 pieces of the quarter fats and made an apron. It's two sided. I made it from my own pattern in my head. I think she'll love it. I want one now. hint hint Rachel get that finished so I can cook in style with Kathryn!

I hope she likes it! I'm sure she will. Now I just need to be patient when she wants to help me cook.

My new machine. I love it. Does 10 different stiches and is just easy to use. I love it. Can I say that enough. I need some more things to make. Oh and Charlotte sat there watching me the whole time. I think she rather enjoyed it too.


We had a very ICY day this week on Tuesday. There was a layer of 1/4 - 1/2 inch of ice over everything. Very pretty but very scary trying to get anywhere. The whole patio was covered with ice. a big skating pad not just the turtle. It took me 10-15 mins to deice the car to head to the SB clinic at 11 in the afternoon.

Kathryn loves the Snow

We've only had a few snow's this winter, which I am grateful for. But Kathryn would so, like a lot more snow.
It was so cold that day so I was freezing. and holding Charlotte, so I made the excuse of having to come back in cause Charlotte was cold, but I"m sure it was just me as I had her bundled up pretty good. Kathryn sure had fun the 10 or so minutes we were out there. I don't have snow shoes so I wrapped my shoes in plastic bags and that worked great.

We made a ice skating rink in our turtle. Kathryn liked trying to break the ice the first day and then got into trying to skate on it or rather stand in her boots and try not to slip and fall.

Kathryn got a little snow shovel for christmas and she's only gotten to use it a couple times but the times she did need it she had a blast.
We tried a ice experiment and put this cup of orange juice outside to freeze that night and this is what we got the next morning.
You can't really see it but that says it's just over 20 degree's. I can't believe I can stand outside in that kind of weather and not totally FREEZE to death.
This is our fish pond that is and has been frozen on top for at least 2 months now and the fish underneath are still swimming around, slowly but still swimming. See the orange, red that's the fish moving around.
Our snowman after one day of melting.

Kathryn wanted to put a hat on the snowman like frosty!

I think our winter might be almost over. Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait for spring and the flowers and leaves to start to bud. I'm so grateful that this winter wasn't as bad as last years snowmageden.

9 Months! can't believe it

Enjoy some Charlotte Overload. Love my cute, angel of a baby!
Charlotte is now 9 months old. Smiley, Happy, Laughing!
She's sitting up pretty good now. She's getting so strong!

She loves playing with her sister. Kathryn loves having someone to play with too.

Her new physical Therapy ball. She gets to sit on it and lay on it like this to strengthen her back and oblique muscles. Her Therapists are all very good and are getting her to do so much more then I thought would come by this time!

She really loves this ball!

I have the cutest kids ever!

Charlotte is such a special girl . I can't believe I was so worried at the beginning. She's more then I could have ever wanted.

Love her hair! it's not as long as Kathryn's was but it's getting long and sticking up after baths I love it.

It's coldy, Coldy here. I'm so glad we have a car seat cover for her that's all warm and cozy.

She's started playing a lot more with all her toys. It's fun to watch her move around and get to the different toys all around the floor.

She really likes books, or rather she likes to play with them and eat the edges. Oh and the book in the picture is really cute, I highly recommend it.

Some stats on my sweet Charlotte.
Weight 19.6 lbs - 50%
Height 27 1/4 in - 75%
Head Circumference 17 in - 90%
She's rolling all over the floor, starting to army/ inch worm crawl, she has a little trouble with solid foods, but she likes sucking on apples and oranges. She takes good naps and sleeps through the night. She babbles all the time. So far for SB, we still cath her and she's had NO UTI's, no SHUNT problems, her Orthopedist thinks she's doing great and on track, her Pediatrician is pleased and thinks she's well taken care of. Her Opthamalogist thinks her eye's are fine and we'll keep watching them for any other changes.
We look forward to May when we get to go back to San Fran for the MOMs trial for her one year evaluation.

Monday, January 17, 2011

pants go on your... head?

Kathryn is so silly sometimes. She likes to twirl around until she's so dizzy she fallas over. And her favorite is to do that with pants on her head. Here's a few photo's of one of those events and well of course Charlotte has to have a turn as well.

Charlotte's new play table. The PT thought this was a great idea. She sits up pretty good to it now not all bent over. Hey any of you SB mom's do you think I should be worried about her eye's being to close together? Or did your babies look like this?

I am such a mean mom, laughing when she runs into the wall.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

DC Temple Lights

We went down to the temple lights on the last night, Jan 1, 2011. It was a warmer night but a little rainy. The musical talent was the Baltimore Maryland missionaries. It was a nice concert and we even got to hear the bagpipes and a ukulele.

The lights were very nice. A little different then the lighted palm tree's. Definitely not as many lights as the AZ Temple but still beautiful all the same.

Tangled with Kathryn

Oh and she wanted to wear my bling necklace and bring her puppy in a purse. We hid the m&m's in that to bring into the theatre. She was really interested in this picture of what the little men were doing.
I took Kathryn to her very first full length feature film at the theatre on New Years Eve. We went to see Tangled. I thought she would like this one because I tell her the story of Rupunzel but I tell her the princesses name is Kathryn Rupunzel. We got some popcorn and some rootbeer and m&m's to make her first experience good and to have somethings to bribe her with she got to noisy. There were times I thought we would have to leave but she was a good trooper and made it through. I thought it was a wonderful movie. She was scared of the mean mommy but I think she enjoyed it. She said at the end, why did her hair turn brown? and then on the way home she said she wanted long yellow hair and yellow clothes and then it just turned into she wanted everything to be yellow.

Our first experience and probably close to last as movies cost so much and it's only $1 for redbox a few months later was a success!