Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kathryn's birthday present and my Christmas present

I got a wonderful Christmas present this year! I got a sewing machine. It was so almost a suprise. I didn't know until Christmas eve when the gal in our ward that got if for Matthew came over to drop it off. But I was so Excited in side for that day when I got to open it up and try it out.
I wanted to make something for Kathryn for her Birthday coming up in 2 weeks So Matthew and I dropped by the Fabric store and I picked out 3 pieces of the quarter fats and made an apron. It's two sided. I made it from my own pattern in my head. I think she'll love it. I want one now. hint hint Rachel get that finished so I can cook in style with Kathryn!

I hope she likes it! I'm sure she will. Now I just need to be patient when she wants to help me cook.

My new machine. I love it. Does 10 different stiches and is just easy to use. I love it. Can I say that enough. I need some more things to make. Oh and Charlotte sat there watching me the whole time. I think she rather enjoyed it too.


Rachel Hanchett said...

I know I know, guilty as charged!

Liz said...

The apron is so cute!! You've inspired me to make one for Morgan. Except I need to buy a pattern cause I'm not as good as you.

James and Onalisa said...

When I pull out my sewing machine I can count on one of th kids pushing my foot on the pedal to "help me". Mazel tov on the new arrival.