Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tangled with Kathryn

Oh and she wanted to wear my bling necklace and bring her puppy in a purse. We hid the m&m's in that to bring into the theatre. She was really interested in this picture of what the little men were doing.
I took Kathryn to her very first full length feature film at the theatre on New Years Eve. We went to see Tangled. I thought she would like this one because I tell her the story of Rupunzel but I tell her the princesses name is Kathryn Rupunzel. We got some popcorn and some rootbeer and m&m's to make her first experience good and to have somethings to bribe her with she got to noisy. There were times I thought we would have to leave but she was a good trooper and made it through. I thought it was a wonderful movie. She was scared of the mean mommy but I think she enjoyed it. She said at the end, why did her hair turn brown? and then on the way home she said she wanted long yellow hair and yellow clothes and then it just turned into she wanted everything to be yellow.

Our first experience and probably close to last as movies cost so much and it's only $1 for redbox a few months later was a success!

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