Sunday, January 2, 2011

Charlotte Rolling! and some not fun stuff

So it's been awhile since Charlotte has started rolling over from Back to Tummy but I had to put this video on here of her doing it over and over. She's been doing really good with PT and DT and just growing up in general. She gets all over the floor, well maybe not all over but she moves quite a bit now and is learning to wiggle forward a bit. It's amazing the places I see her in when I've left the room for a little bit. I have to admit some of the times its because Kathryn has taken it upon herself to roll Charlotte over and over and over or drag her to where her 'castle' is or something like that but left alone she still gets a good distance away. I love that she's starting to get herself moving.

On a sad note...

For Christmas or rather the week before and after Kathryn was sick the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas and then Charlotte got sick throwing up and refusing to eat the Wednesday before and was sick till this last Friday. a whole week and a half. Not a fun time for us. I was worried it might be her shunt or UTI or what ever it may be so I sent Matthew to the ER with her on Christmas Eve. They did a whole series of tests including CT scans of her brain and such and found nothing wrong with the things I was praying there was nothing wrong with. They said she just had a tummy bug of some sort and that it should go away soon. Well I was thinking Soon should be a day or two not another week so on Monday I called the after hours Pediatrician and not having luck the time I called on Christmas Eve I called my Ped from Arizona.

(side note) I would move back to AZ just because I LOVE my pediatrician there not because my family lives there. They would be a close second but it would be because of Dr Ciminello! Anyone else have a Doctor they would just die to live without?

Anyway he called back in like 10 minutes and remembered us and Charlotte and was very concerned and gave me such good advice. He was concerned about what the doctors here had not done and I got the impression maybe I should try another Doctor again but anyways. It's because of him she got better so quickly. He said if she's still throwing up everything tomorrow take her in and have her checked for a UTI then get some IV fluids soon but beyond that STOP all DAIRY. Push Clear liquids and thats it. So I went to the store that night and stocked up on some pedialyte, pear juice and Gatorade and that's what she got for the next 2 days and that cleared up her tummy problem leaving just a few days of some really soft poop and then to normal! I had to push fluids in her with a syringe but she soon got the hang of it and starting eating 2-3 oz at a time and then got better. I'm so relieved both my girls got better in time to celebrate the new year happy and healthy!

We had a good Christmas besides the sickness and a fabulous new year. pictures and details to come.

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Captain Micah said...

I'm sorry your girls were sick. They sure are beautiful.

Love you!