Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phoenix Art Museum/ Culture Pass

So if you haven't heard about the Culture Pass that you can get from the Library you really need to check it out. I've been the Science Center with my sister Rachel and now the Phoenix Art Museum with my other sister Melissa and her girls all for free. The Art museum was really cool. I haven't been to an art museum for so long. My favorite was the fire fly exhibit. If you have a chance to go to the museum this is worth the drive out there. I had fun with Melissa, Savannah and Chloe. I know they enjoyed it more then Matthew would have if we went. Savannah and Chloe are the oldest grand kids. They are so grown up. They are big texters. They were texting Cha Cha questions about things the whole time. It was really funny. This week I'm going to try for passes to one of the mesa museums. Either the youth museum or the dinosuar one. I've heard both of those are awesome.

I guess I have culture in my life now that I"ve been to an Art museum. Now all I need to do is have all sorts of different food and that will put me over the top. ha ha this is a joke for John my brother in law. He makes fun of people who think they have culture cause they've had ethnic food and see some art. I'm up to the limit for culture cause I like Vietnamese food...
If you want to know more about the Culture Pass give me a call. We could all get the same museum pass and have a great time!

We have a Lawn, well part of one

A month or so ago Matthew decided that we needed to plant grass on one side of our front yard. I have a garden one one side and the other was just weeds and dirt. So we went to Home Depot and got some grass seed and some fertilizer. We were hoping for some great green grass to pop up any day and nothing ever did. All I was doing was watering the weeds more and more each day. And then we here that Granny is coming down for a doctors appointment and we for sure need to do something with the dirt and weed side of the yard or we wouldn't here the end of it from Granny on how we are not taking care of her house enough so we decided to go with Sod instead. Matthew is so funny sometimes in how he plans things out. When he's got something on his mind to do he does it right then. there's no planning or thinking it out it's I want this done now or I'm going to go crazy so back to home depot he goes a couple weeks ago with his Uncle's truck and comes home with sod. It was hard work laying it and trying to get all the weeds out and making it smooth. Which it is far from smooth. Anyway, it looks great. Kathryn loves to play in the water when I'm watering the lawn. I don't have pictures of that yet but I'll get some soon. The lawn is so soft to walk on now and Kathryn will actually well most of the time stay on the lawn and not run away to the street. Now I just need a little picket fence to hold her in and I'll be set to weed the garden while she plays in the lawn.

My garden was a long time coming. We planted in the middle February I think and I thought all I was going to get was squash but low and behold I have beets growing and swiss chard and some lettuce. We planted onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots of which nothing grew. I guess its true that tomatoes need to be bought as plants and not seeds. I look forward to getting to use food from my garden. I hope our next house I can get a better garden going with a lot more veggies and fruit in it.

Summer Squash

Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Easter Party

We had our family Easter party out in Maricopa at a park near my sisters house. It was cold and windy. Great for kites. Kathryn loves flying kites. and now I know she loves Easter candy. We had lots of fun!

Check out the picture of Kathryn's Easter dress too. She was the cutest Easter baby ever on Sunday.

Play date with the Triplets

I went to my friend Shelby's house the other day to have a fun play date with her triplets, Halle, Caden and Jack. They had so much fun. First lunch, Mac and cheese, then a lot of fun outside in her fabulous backyard. I wish I had my camera our for that part then we came inside and played in the nursery. Kathryn liked climbing up the slide but we tried to teach her to go around and climb in the back.
Shelby's triplets are 19 months.
Photobucket I love this picture of Jacks face poking out of that little circle. and of course Cadens little bumby!
Fun with the Triplets

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hoppy Easter

This is them after their findings. Kathryn got a whistle as well as some yummy candy.

Kathryn did a pretty good job finding some eggs. She really liked holding and shaking the ones with jelly beans and M&Ms in them.
Here we are with Rory, Paige and Me as the Easter Bunny.

Rachel invited me to a Easter picnic that she and her friends have done the last few years yesterday. It was a fun day for Kathryn to learn to find eggs and just play with other kids she's never played with before. She also got to eat her first jelly beans and candy eggs. She had a blue chin most of the day. We'll have a family Easter picnic on Saturday so more Easter pictures to come.

Family Camp Out

So this last weekend for Matthews 30th birthday I planned or rather Matt and I planned a camp out. We left Friday morning around 10 to go to Haigler Creek but the directions we had didn't get us there so we ended up in Valentine Canyon near Canyon creek. We will now for next time to plan a better map and hope to not have any car trouble.

We got up to Payson and stopped for some lunch and noticed our engine was smoking. Matthew checked it out and saw a bunch of what he thought might be oil or something spilling all over the engine. So we stop at a Big O for some help and they send us to a great guy who helped us out. He said it was Transmission Fluid. He said we had almost 3 quarts more then what is needed. We noticed it cause it was getting so hot and had no room to go it was coming out the dip stick.

(side note I had just got my oil change a few weeks ago at a Big O here on Gilbert road and the 60. I would recommend not ever going there again as it was them who over filled it and previously rotated our tires and over tightened the bolts and 3 of 5 broke off the one time we get a flat tire... Lesson learned)

Anyway back to the camping trip. We finally make it to a camp sight after looking for the first planned out sight for a while at like 4 in the afternoon. Yeah I know we left at 10 and arrived at 4. It was only 30 mins outside Payson. Like I said next time we'll be more prepared. Anyway we find this nice little spot by a creek but no bathroom. I wasn't to found of that Idea but the place we saw with the bathroom was on the top of a canyon and it was so windy we definatly would have blown away up there.

Kathryn did great the whole time. It was quite cold but she didn't seem to mind it at all when we got there and even for the night. She liked the fire a lot. I guess she gets that from me as I was the one who got the fire going that evening and again in the morning. Anyway we just set up camp went on a little walk down the creek and ate our freeze dried dinner. It was actually pretty good. Matt is really intersted in getting that type of food for our year supply rather then things like wheat and the like. it ended up being good.

We got in the tent and in bed by like 7:30 as it was really really cold. and then by like 8:00 it had started storming. I mean we had Hail, and the loudest and longest thunder and some really great lightening lighting up our tent for about 2 hours I would say. Kathryn wasn't scared at all. She just snuggled into us and was asleep way before we were. She did keep waking up a few times but was not crying to much and one time I think it was about 4 in the morning she was up and pointing around and blowing kisses to us. After that though she slept till about 8 which is when we got up anyway.

The morning was so COLD. There was Snow like patches of hail all over the ground. Our car was covered in Ice. Kathryn wasn't to happy in the morning. I don't blame her. Matt and I didn't get warmed up till after we got back here and a long bath and some time under the blankets.

It turned out to be a really short camping trip for our first ever family camp out on our own but it was fun and I'd say we will do it again once it gets a little warmer in the mountains. Freezing the whole time was not so fun. It was fun to see Kathryn explore when we first got there but other then that it was just a night of freezing and little sleep. Next time... Next time...

Matthew made a fun video of us setting up our camp site. I'll have him get it ready to put on here soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Date with Brookelle

A week or so ago one of Matthew's longtime friends was down from Utah so we went to go see her and her little Girl Brookelle. Kathryn and Brookelle got along pretty good, most of the time. Brookelle is 21 months and has no hair. It was fun to see the difference in the way they both looked cause Kathryn has an over abundance of hair and Brookelle didn't have any. I think she totally looks like her daddy Josh. It was fun to visit with Danny and let the little girls play. I'm sorry we didn't get to stay and visit longer. Here are some of the fun pictures we got of the two little girls.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

So I love this Holiday but I don't do much or don't think of cool things to do until it is to late. So I looked online of some things I could do to Matthew but didn't find any that I could do from home but I saw this post it note one that I did on our cousins car. i wrote on post it notes
Happy April Fools Day and then put that on their windshield along with a bunch of others all over the windshield. They have little boys so I'm sure they got a kick out of it.

I told Matthew I was pregnant today but no one believes that... Twins no less.

I hope someone got a good prank going Today. If you did I'd love to hear about it.

Sick, Sick, Sick

So last week was a long week of sickness.
Sick #1 Matthew has had a cough for months and it got a lot worse a few weeks back and so he asked me to get him a doctors appointment. Which is something to say since he hasn't been to the doctor for like 10 years. Anyway I get him an appointment last Monday and we find out that he has Asthma, and was given two different inhalers and some other medication. He says he's feeling much better, or that the urge to cough isn't as strong anymore.

Sick #2 Then Kathryn throws up on Monday night and the next day has a temperature all day Tuesday and Wednesday of 101.5. She is cranky and doesn't sleep well at all and by Tuesday I was starting to feel a little sick myself so the lack of sleep and getting sick don't mix well anyway I'll stay with Kathryn till I finish her sick story. So I have Matt's cousin check her ears on Wednesday to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection and that goodness she doesn't but by Friday she is now coughing a lot more and a runny nose and still not sleeping well so I take her in to see her Doctor late Friday. She does have an ear infection now in the Right ear and needs to start her respirator again. So now she's got an antibiotic for the ear infection. But on Sunday she/we are still feeling yucky and I check her mouth to see if it's teeth related as well and low and behold my baby is cutting molars. She's got 2 lower molars bulging out her gums and then later that day I feel them again and feel the top as well and that dang girl has two top molars already poking out. I didn't even know she was getting her big teeth. She's growing way to fast. So now She's got the 4 in front and two molars on top already out, and 4 in front and two almost ready to poke out on the bottom. My baby is growing up.

Sick #3 Then I am sick this last week to. I start feeling it around Monday/ Tuesday with just a cough. A BAD Cough, So I get some cough medicine and I hope that works but with Kathryn sick I don't get any sleep, So the sickness gets worse I get all stuffed up on Wednesday night and Thursday I'm like the walking dead. I take some of the most awful stuff in the world and I don't recommend it to anyone and I should write the company and complain cause I take the Zicam Nasal spray and I swear it caused the sinus infection I got. My Ears as still a little blocked from it. I can't smell anything anymore, which also means I can't really taste anything. I went into see the doctor Friday and got some antibiotics and my cold/sinus infection is now gone with the occasional runny nose but I still can't hear right and my nose has still lost all sense of smell.

But Come Monday morning this week, Kathryn slept through the night had has for the last 3 nights. I'm 90% better besides the smelling, tasting thing and Matthew breaths better all around.

Its no fun being sick when Kathryn is. I felt really bad because I got kinda I don't know how to say it 'really annoyed' at her faster then usual. I knew I needed help when I got her up and was already mad that she woke up AGAIN. So thank goodness for my dad being home and able to watch her so I could get some much needed sleep. That was a life saver. I'm so grateful for family that is all around me that helps me so much when ever I need it.