Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

So last week was a long week of sickness.
Sick #1 Matthew has had a cough for months and it got a lot worse a few weeks back and so he asked me to get him a doctors appointment. Which is something to say since he hasn't been to the doctor for like 10 years. Anyway I get him an appointment last Monday and we find out that he has Asthma, and was given two different inhalers and some other medication. He says he's feeling much better, or that the urge to cough isn't as strong anymore.

Sick #2 Then Kathryn throws up on Monday night and the next day has a temperature all day Tuesday and Wednesday of 101.5. She is cranky and doesn't sleep well at all and by Tuesday I was starting to feel a little sick myself so the lack of sleep and getting sick don't mix well anyway I'll stay with Kathryn till I finish her sick story. So I have Matt's cousin check her ears on Wednesday to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection and that goodness she doesn't but by Friday she is now coughing a lot more and a runny nose and still not sleeping well so I take her in to see her Doctor late Friday. She does have an ear infection now in the Right ear and needs to start her respirator again. So now she's got an antibiotic for the ear infection. But on Sunday she/we are still feeling yucky and I check her mouth to see if it's teeth related as well and low and behold my baby is cutting molars. She's got 2 lower molars bulging out her gums and then later that day I feel them again and feel the top as well and that dang girl has two top molars already poking out. I didn't even know she was getting her big teeth. She's growing way to fast. So now She's got the 4 in front and two molars on top already out, and 4 in front and two almost ready to poke out on the bottom. My baby is growing up.

Sick #3 Then I am sick this last week to. I start feeling it around Monday/ Tuesday with just a cough. A BAD Cough, So I get some cough medicine and I hope that works but with Kathryn sick I don't get any sleep, So the sickness gets worse I get all stuffed up on Wednesday night and Thursday I'm like the walking dead. I take some of the most awful stuff in the world and I don't recommend it to anyone and I should write the company and complain cause I take the Zicam Nasal spray and I swear it caused the sinus infection I got. My Ears as still a little blocked from it. I can't smell anything anymore, which also means I can't really taste anything. I went into see the doctor Friday and got some antibiotics and my cold/sinus infection is now gone with the occasional runny nose but I still can't hear right and my nose has still lost all sense of smell.

But Come Monday morning this week, Kathryn slept through the night had has for the last 3 nights. I'm 90% better besides the smelling, tasting thing and Matthew breaths better all around.

Its no fun being sick when Kathryn is. I felt really bad because I got kinda I don't know how to say it 'really annoyed' at her faster then usual. I knew I needed help when I got her up and was already mad that she woke up AGAIN. So thank goodness for my dad being home and able to watch her so I could get some much needed sleep. That was a life saver. I'm so grateful for family that is all around me that helps me so much when ever I need it.

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Micah Weir said...

Golly, I am so sorry everyone in your house has been feeling so awful this past week! Isn't it don't realize what health is until it goes on vacation for a week! Glad you got some drugs in you and are all feeling better. Thanks for the goodbye cookies!