Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

So I love this Holiday but I don't do much or don't think of cool things to do until it is to late. So I looked online of some things I could do to Matthew but didn't find any that I could do from home but I saw this post it note one that I did on our cousins car. i wrote on post it notes
Happy April Fools Day and then put that on their windshield along with a bunch of others all over the windshield. They have little boys so I'm sure they got a kick out of it.

I told Matthew I was pregnant today but no one believes that... Twins no less.

I hope someone got a good prank going Today. If you did I'd love to hear about it.


Rogers Family said...

No good pranks here:(. Although I had about 10 people tell me they were preggo yesturday. I was excited to find your blog. You should check mine out sometime. We can keep in touch.

Becky said...

I told Julio I spent $50 at the Mary Kay party you hosted.