Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

I have now met all, I mean all of Matthew's family!

We went to Arkansas on Tuesday night to have Thanksgiving with Steve and Amy and their two very exciting boys. I haven't ever met Amy or their boys.

I was very worried about Kathryn and the plane ride but she did wonderfully. The way there she colored, played with the magnadoodle, thanks Rachel, and watched a movie without sound. We had ear phones but she didn't want them on her ears. Two hours was just the right amount of time. Which made me start worrying about the way home cause it was 3 hours home.

We arrived in Tulsa, OK at 9:30 pm and got a ride with Steve to their home in Bentonville, AK. We didn't get there till like 12:00 am. They had a bed waiting for us and Kathryn in their guest room. Wednesday morning was just a day of getting know each other and letting the boys get used to Kathryn. Ben has a bird in his room that Kathryn liked looking at and Mike has two rats, Scabbers and Stripes. Kathryn really liked playing with the Rats when Mike was willing to have them out. Matthew made Lop for dinner, a huge success for Steve and not so much for Amy. We then put the kids to bed and watched a movie.

Thursday, Thanksgiving day was not something I was used to. We didn't have our feast until dinner time, because Steve went Duck hunting that morning and wanted to help cook the meal. We just played games and watched Dawn of the Dinosaurs with the kids. It was a fun movie. Dinner was nice and small. Not anything I'm used to. We usually have loads of people there and loads of more food then anyone can eat. So it was different having just enough to make you full and a nice piece of pie.

Friday we went on a walk in their neighborhood. Steve and Amy live in a very nice place. They have little walking paths all throughout the neighborhoods. No beautiful even in the winter. I'll bet the summer there would be breath taking with all the tree's and vines and greenery everywhere. We went bowling Friday afternoon and got Ice cream at Braums. One of the best ice cream places I've been to. Steve and Matthew tied winning bowling and I won out of the girls. My first time bowling with bumpers. It really does help your score. To bad we didn't put those in earlier in the game. We got to help or rather observe them put up their Christmas tree. It was fun to see the boys get excited about this and think about when Kathryn will get the idea of decorating and be excited like they were.

The boys had a lot of fun taking pictures any time they could so some of the pictures may be a little off but they had fun.

We left at 5am Sat morning to catch an 8:00 flight. Kathryn slept for more then half the flight home. And it came in early so it wasn't a full 3 hours.

I'm so thankful that we were able to go and visit with Matthew's brother. Mike even cried the night we were leaving and wanted Kathryn to stay. They had so much fun together. Their boys were great baby sitters. Ben just watched and helped Kathryn the whole time.

We'll see them in July for the Weir family reunion.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Pictures Fall 2009

We had our family pictures taken last week by my good friend Michelle Greer. She is starting her photography business. Check her out at Greer Photography. I think she did an amazing job. I also have to give credit where credit is due. My Cousin Barbara did Kathryn's hair. Isn't she a darling. She looked so good. I need to learn to do Kathryn's hair like this. She has so much of it I should make it look cute all the time. I did make the bow that is in her hair. Thank you to a bow party I've gone to. Oh that reminds me I want to have one but it will probably have to wait to after the holidays. Maybe a Valentines / bow party! Sounds like a lot of GIRL fun.

I also haven't thought that I've gained that much weight but these pictures prove otherwise. Sorry for some of the 'fat' shots. I am almost 5 months pregnant!! I'll have to remember that when I look back at these pictures down the road and not think of how big I look and remember the sweet baby that is making me look like this.

We will be sending these out for our Christmas picture so if there is one you want over another please let me know.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Walks

Since Matthew has been in school, Kathryn and I have been going on walks over to the Temple to see the Temple Light's progress. It is so relaxing to walk around the Temple and see the lights without a million other people there. Kathryn has been learning her colors really good so I like to test her on all the colors of the lights.

I also tested my camera last week. I'm not so good at getting night shots. My hand is so not a steady one. But some of them I think turned out looking pretty cool.

Kathryn started growling at me when I was taking the pictures. So I had to get some video. There probably wasn't enough light but you can hear here. I then start saying animals to keep her talking. She is saying so many things and getting so smart. One of her favorite things to say these days is NO WAY! which I don't really like but she sounds so cute when she says it.

Fun with Kathryn on the Bed!

Lately Kathryn has started calling her bed the baby bed and mine and Matthew's bed the big bed. She really likes to play on the big bed. Here are some fun pictures that we took playing on the BIG BED. Kathryn likes to take the pictures as well. So here are some of her shots as well.

Look at all the hair. Isn't she the most adorable little girl you've ever seen!
I love the little teeth poking out here.
Cheesy Grin!!
I wonder where she gets her silliness??? MOM or

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funny Kathryn

So Matthew and I were just talking in bed today and Kathryn comes in and starts saying what I think is poops, poops, so I think she needs a diaper change but I look over at her and she's holding one of my Bra's that was in the dirty clothes. She was saying boob's. She surely knows what my boobs are. she loves to hit me and push on them when ever she can.

Monday, November 9, 2009

All Better

I've had a lot of people ask about Kathryn lately, so I better give an update. She is all better. I'm positive that she got better because of a worthy priesthood blessing and so many prayers in her and my behave. I was getting a little worn out myself.

She had a fever Tuesday morning and then that was it. It was all gone. No more fever, she even started pooping normally again. I have no idea what the problem was or anything. But I'm sure glad that is over. She is such a happy baby now. And sleeping through the night again.

Thank you for all those who prayed and thought about and asked about Kathryn. She is one well and happy toddler!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One or Two

I've been having so many dreams about having a mulitple birth I thought for sure it was going to happen. Especially when my older sister tells me last Sunday that she had a dream I was having twins too.

I had my 2nd appt yesterday and first ultrasound. I got to hear the heartbeat as well. I love that swooshing sound. Kathryn came with me and did such a great job. Well she's quite lethargic anyway but she was a good sport.

I told Dr Falk at my first appointment that I thought I was having twins and he was like well it's to early to tell right now. We'll do an ultrasound at the next your 12 week appt. So as he was getting me ready to check the heart beat I told him again about me having all these dreams and my sister having one and he's like well lets go check this out to stop these crazy ideas.

I LOVE THE ONE BABY inside me! I'm actually relieved it's only one. how anyone deals with more then one at a time is beyond me. Kudos to my friend Shelby with 3!

So my dreams were just dreams, not premonitions. So in 6 weeks we'll get to see if we're having a boy or a girl. I love that part too. Then on to naming the little baby growing inside me. I get that privliage this time. Since Matthew got to name Kathryn.

Anyway, I've feeling a lot better and am just at that stage of feeling fat but not fat enough to look pregnant. or actually need maternity pants but I like that they are loose on my tummy anyway even if I don't need them yet.

Here's to 28 more weeks!!!

Sorry no pictures lately. I've been a bad picture taker.

Fever, ear ache, tummy ache.. list goes on......

Kathryn is one sick little girl. It started Thursday when I noticed she was way more cuddly then normal. Then that night she woke up with a burning fever. I thought she must have an ear ache cause I've seen her pull at her ears a few times that day. I had my brother in law Jared bring his ear scope and take a look at her ears at the Heaton Family Halloween party and he said he saw a slight redness to her left ear. We came home and I ran to Sprouts and got some Kids Ear Clear Oil. I have to say I think this stuff is amazing. Well we had another rough night and day with more high fevers 103-104-105 sometimes. Lucky for me Motrin and Tylenol bring that down right away. But now she's starting to say she has to poop and her tummy hurts. So I thought Constipation. We ended up taking her to Urgent care on Saturday and she ended up having an ear infection in the right ear and not left. So the Oil must have worked. There we got a prescription for the ear infection and some suppositories. Her Fever's have not stopped since Thursday night. So on Monday I called to take her to her regular Pediatrician and he said she has NO ear infection and to stop the antibiotics for the ears. Also because she has no other symptoms with her fevers he thinks it's most likely a bladder infection of some kind. I have to give her lots of pear, apple and prune juice and WATER. Kathryn doesn't like the juice right now but will drink the water thankfully. We've stopped giving her milk and dairy products. The Dr said that if her fevers stick around till Wednesday I have to bring her back in and they'll have to put in a catheter to see if its an infection in that area. I really hope they stop but she had a high fever last night at like 1am and then again this morning at 9am. We'll see how it goes the rest of the day.

We did have our home teacher come over last night to help give her a blessing. I sure am glad for a priesthood holder in my home. If any one reads this before tomorrow , please pray for Kathryn so she doesn't have to to the next part of this treatment if her fevers don't go down.

Thanks for all those who have expressed their concern all ready. I appreciate all the helpful tips on taking care of my sick baby.