Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Walks

Since Matthew has been in school, Kathryn and I have been going on walks over to the Temple to see the Temple Light's progress. It is so relaxing to walk around the Temple and see the lights without a million other people there. Kathryn has been learning her colors really good so I like to test her on all the colors of the lights.

I also tested my camera last week. I'm not so good at getting night shots. My hand is so not a steady one. But some of them I think turned out looking pretty cool.

Kathryn started growling at me when I was taking the pictures. So I had to get some video. There probably wasn't enough light but you can hear here. I then start saying animals to keep her talking. She is saying so many things and getting so smart. One of her favorite things to say these days is NO WAY! which I don't really like but she sounds so cute when she says it.


Rogers Family said...

She's so cute!! Loved to see those pics.

Joanna Brimhall said...

I love it when she growls! It just is so opposite of what should be coming out of that adorable face :-)

shannonb said...

So cute! I love her growling :)