Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I had a baby! It's a Boy

Here I am going in to have a baby that morning.   scheduled c-sections are so nice that way.  NO pain just walking in like I'm checking into a hotel for a few days. 
 So having the c-section isn't the greatest feeling.  I remember things with Bryce that I don't remember happening with  Charlotte.  Like smelling burning , which I was nervous about cause I thought it was coming from my Oxygen mask ah ah  but no that was them burning my skin to cauterize the bleeding.   And all the tugging and pulling.  You'd think a baby cut out would just come out..  nope.  And then after he was out I felt like they sat on my chest  which Matthew said they kind of did.  I almost couldn't breathe while they pushed and squished the placenta out.   Nice I know!
  But out he came and we was perfect.   Big boy for a month early!    He got down to 6.8 at the hospital and dropped a few more ounces after but he's gaining now!
 Isn't he so precious?  He's exactly like his sisters and me.  Sorry Matthew I guess my genes are a bit stronger then yours are!
 Our first meeting.   At least it was within the first 10 minutes this time.  With Charlotte it was 6-7 hours!
My mom came to be with me that first week.  I couldn't have done it without her. My kids loved having Grandma here and I loved having someone to cry with and love me even in the midst of my crazy mood swings of can I do this...   
His first sponge bath.  And yes he was jaundice.  I see that perfectly in his pictures.  That was a nightmare in it self all the blood tests and such... 
 He's wonderful!
Sorry for the picture being upside down but here he is for Halloween being a rebel fighter pilot!

This ones for Jill

Ok so I'm painfully behind on my blog.  My friend Jill ever so politely said so .  I know I know you who don't follow me on Facebook are saying what you had your baby and you didn't say anything.  Well here you go I had a baby boy on October 18th  we named him Bryce Matthew He weighed 7 lbs.    He is a delight to us all! 
THe girls LOVE Him.
 Here he is on his blessing day.  Thank you Rachel for the Blessing outfit!

 We're getting ready for Family pictures.  Those to come.

 I love this picture.  He's smiling and holding on to Pooh.  Love it!
 Happy late Christmas from the Weirs.   The girls loved seeing Santa Claus!
Us before Matthew's work party.  unfortunatly we didn't win any of the prizes this year.  Maybe next!
 We love the Fall here in Virginia.  It's beautiful!