Thursday, June 20, 2013

Warrenton Home

We've been living in our home now for almost 2 weeks.  I can't believe it.  It's so much fun and so big that I wanted to post a few pictures of our lovely new home. 
 Opening the door for the first time on June 4!  It's ours!
 Master Bath
 Girls room

 Isn't it wonderful!
 The speed limit is 15 in the neighborhood.  I feel safe having the kids out side!
 It's our corner .
 These Day Lilies are surrounding the corner of our property.

 I don't remember what these are called but I think of Eva from my old ward every time I see them because they were her favorite flower

 Our shed
 These are going to be big daisys.  I can't wait for them to bloom.  It's going to be any day now.
 Our playground!

 Dining room
 Living room

 Hall Bath
 Girls room
 Bryce's room
 Master Bedroom!
 Master bath

 computer hall
 Laundry area

 Family room
 Toy area~!
 Downstairs bath with jetted tub!

 extra bedroom! kids have been playing on the bed.
My craft room  well no my storage room for things I haven't found a place for yet.

It's our home and we love it.  It's twice as big as what we came from.  and the Yard is a half acre.  Just getting ready to get a bigger garden and some chickens and maybe even a goat to milk!  

I love it, the Girls love it!  and Matthew after we'd moved in said.  I'm glad you saw potential in this house as I didn't even look at it when we came for the open house.   He saw the kitchen and the outside!    I sure did see potential!  It's wonderful!