Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Milestones for Kathryn

So I should have posted this earlier as now I might have the day wrong.

Kathryn got her first tooth October 16th. I saw it under her gums that week and it finally broke through on that Thursday. So she's got this lonely tooth that she eats her animal crackers with!

She had her 9 month appointment too.

9 Month Stats

20 lbs 1 oz 50-75%

28 inches long 50-75%

She's getting so big. Getting in to things. We have a filing cabinet that is her favorite thing to pull out all my files!! I've got to find a way to keep that closed. Also she's learned to open most of the cupboards. She especially likes the ones in the bathroom cause they have knobs on them to pull open. One of the cupboards in the bathroom I don't mind cause there is like 5 things in it that can't hurt her. Just velcro hair curlers.

But being as healthy as ever at her appointment. the next day she came down with a cough and I took her in a week later. She's been on some breathing treatments for the last few days and will continue for the rest of the week and then at the follow up appointment found out she has ear infections in both ears. So know we're on some antibiotics to clear that up as well.

She slept all through the night last night for the first time in a long time.

Maybe her ears have been bothering her and I just couldn't tell.

I can't wait for the holidays to see her face at all the pretty christmas lights. I'm not sure what I"ll do for my christmas tree this year. we'll see!

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!! Christmas is my favorite to decorate for! I collect Nativities, so they're everywhere in my house! I'll post pictures of what I do this year in the new house. And with a baby. Can't put the glass things on the ground.

Well this is enough. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
Her First KISS, Gross Kissing Cousins!!!
ha ha Looks like this took my baby by suprise, Jessica you might have to watch out when Kash is older. He'll be the ladies man for sure

Friday, November 21, 2008

Captured Miracles at the Winter Holiday Marketplace

So some of you may remember that my friend Helen Robson is a photographer and did a photo shoot that had Kathryn in it. The prints are finally ready come Thanksgiving.

Captured Miracles is having a booth at the Winter Holiday Marketplace November 22 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Check out this website for more details and a link to the actual site for the festival.


If you go, sign up for the raffle at Captured Miracles for a chance to win one of the pictures. You can choose from any of the collection if you win! They are amazing pictures. You can go to just http://www.capturedmiracles.org/ to see more of the collection.

Here is the entertainment Schedule for the event with Santa and Cinderella:

11:30 Musical performance by Instant Hobo
12:30 Storytime with Santa
1:30 Storytime With Cinderella
2:30 Musical performance by Instant Hobo
3:30 Storytime with Santa
4:30 Storytime With Cinderella

I hope you can all come and enjoy the beginnings of a great season!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missing old Friends from Highland High School

Hey all that graduated from Highland from 99-02 I just saw this on Amber Ferrell Palmer's blog and thought I'd let some of my friends know about it as well. aka DaNelle, Shelby, Amber, and Cindy.

This would be fun to get together anyway during the holidays.

check out this blog if you want to know more about it.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween with Pirates

So I'm kind of late for a halloween post but I've had wedding stuff to think about still. We went to a reception up in Snowflake this last weekend or I might have gotten this in.

Well the Pirate's Cove was not a big a hit as I thought. We had hardly anyone stop by. It was awesome though. Even though I couldn't see out my front windows or door for a few weeks it was fun to help put up and dress like a pirate.

Kathryn had a lot of fun. She wasn't a pirate for halloween, she was my little angel but she had some fun before hand with the pirates that took over our front room.

She had her first sucker this halloween. She liked it some but gave up before to long.

My little Kathryn with her cousins, Rory the Hula Dancer and Paige the Witches Brew

Matt made this for a co worker. To much fun!

I love this holiday except for the fact I always by to much candy and now I don't know what to do with it all. Anyone need some candy???