Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween with Pirates

So I'm kind of late for a halloween post but I've had wedding stuff to think about still. We went to a reception up in Snowflake this last weekend or I might have gotten this in.

Well the Pirate's Cove was not a big a hit as I thought. We had hardly anyone stop by. It was awesome though. Even though I couldn't see out my front windows or door for a few weeks it was fun to help put up and dress like a pirate.

Kathryn had a lot of fun. She wasn't a pirate for halloween, she was my little angel but she had some fun before hand with the pirates that took over our front room.

She had her first sucker this halloween. She liked it some but gave up before to long.

My little Kathryn with her cousins, Rory the Hula Dancer and Paige the Witches Brew

Matt made this for a co worker. To much fun!

I love this holiday except for the fact I always by to much candy and now I don't know what to do with it all. Anyone need some candy???


Jon and Katie Bowerbank said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun. By the way, your girl is adorable.

Love Katie B

Jessalee said...

I totally would have stopped by pirate's cove. It looks like so much fun... and what a little angel, literally!

shannonb said...

That pirate cove sure looked neat. And what a sweet angel baby. Looks like you had a good Halloween! Oh, and that balloon Frankenstein is great!

The Adams family said...

Hey I need address for my christmas cards.... could you email it me to me! thanks

Fowler Farm said...

Sweet pirate cove. You guys went all out! Kathryn looks so cute all dressed up. Cute little angel! Talk to you later.