Friday, December 26, 2008

Business Launched- Need Your Help

Hello All my fellow bloggers. I would like to ask of some assistance. Matthew and I have just launched our Web Hosting Search Engine. Because of the economic crisis, helping where it is free is an easy way to help those in need. We need some help with 2 things. Link building and just word of mouth.

The way to do this is:
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2.) Mention the website to anyone you know who needs to make a website, or has a website and is looking for a way to save money on hosting. It's a free service.

It's called - The Ultimate Web Hosting Search Engine -

Matthew and I are so excited about this project and to see it finally finished. We have full belief that it will be a household tool to be used amoung web designers and well, anyone that needs a website. We just need to start getting the word out. So if you have the time can you please give a shout out for us by copying and pasting this post! That would be awesome if you could help us out. Thanks for all your love and support.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kathryn verses Rudolph


Monday, December 22, 2008

Bathroom, Damiens Party and A few cute pictures

Ok So I have said Kathryn likes to get into things but this is just so funny. I usually keep the bathroom door closed for the obvious reasons but when I'm in there I let her come in there with me. but I can't always stop her from opening some of the cupboards. And this is what I come into when I don't pay that much attention to her when she's in the cupboards.

My sister Melissa's little boy Damien turned 4 the first week of December. He had a big birthday party at the park by my sisters house. It was fun and Kathryn got to play in the grass. It was such nice grass. Matt even rolled around in it. Here are a few of the party!

Here is my 3 neices and nephew that all are now 4 years old. Mandy, Damien, and Rory.

This is a little dress I got from Rachel. Isn't Kathryn such a darling. I got pictures of her in her new Christmas Dress that I'll post later but I just love how this one brings out how blonde and beautiful her chubby face is!

Sniffy Face

So Kathryn has been doing this sniffy face for awhile now. Its so cute when she does it. And its even funner when I can get her to start mimicing me. or vice versa. I have told others about it and when they try to get her to do it she doesn't. it's hilarious if you ever get a chance to see it.
Oh yeah I think she finally knows who her mom and dad are. I can tell she clings to me a little more and will come to me more. Its nice to have her love me back now.
She's not a very cuddly baby and the other day she actually let me hold her and rock her. It was so nice. She usually doesn't like to sit still for any amount of time. So this was unsual.
Her two top teeth came out on the 20th. I remembered to write this down this time. So I have the right date for sure. Its fun to see my little girl getting so much bigger and growing up right before our eyes. I know she'll be walking right beside me in no time.
I love it! Being a mom is the best job ever!

i just love this picture. Shows how blue her eyes really are!

So I got video of it because she wouldn't do it for anyone else. ENJOY!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving and other Exciting News

Isn't Kathryn the Cutest little baby ever!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year with my family. We usually have traveled to Snowflake after my parents afternoon dinner but this year we didn't go. Mostly because we just were up there a couple weeks ago for John and Micah's reception. But it was so nice to have a long weekend at home.

Anyway, Thanksgiving day was great. I got to make the mashed potatoes and I even peeled all the potatoes and put butter, cream cheese and sourcream in it. And a few grilled onions. I got the somewhat recipe from Barbara, Matt's cousin. I think they turned out great. And I made my Pumpkin CheeseCake as well. Gotta do that!

We had a great dinner and before everyone got there we played Blockus with my mom and dad. It was a fun game. I 'm glad we made that purchase. I think our family should start a new tradition of playing lots of games before and after Thanksgiving.

After Dinner we came home and took really long naps. Even Kathryn let us take naps.

Matt worked on the website most of Friday and Saturday. But IT IS FINALLY FINISHED AND WE CAN START SENDING OUT INVITATIONS TO HOSTING COMPANIES. I'm so excited to get this rolling and start earning the income that it will bring in. Hopefully it will be enough to get us on our own ie out of grannys house!!!

We put up the Christmas Tree and lights that weekend. I watched Rachel's Kids and they liked helping me with the lights. Paige liked the big puddle in the back that hadn't gone away from the big rain the other night.

I Love Christmas and everything about it. I just need to get Matthew into the christmas spirit. He's my little humbug that doesn't like christmas music or getting gifts. Well to bad dear your going to get some fun gifts!! he he he

And some more exciting news of the family, my older sister Melissa got married on the 3rd after being engaged for 4 years. it was out of the blue sort of. Stefan called her up on his way home from work and said we're getting married get dressed and call the girls. So they went and got the license and tried to find a judge. They called my parents and luckily they did as they were the witnesses or it wouldn't have worked. Melissa said it was a great feeling standing there with her girls and Damien hugging her getting married to the man she loves. When I found out I told them they had to come over for Wedding cake. So they did and I made a heart cake and frosted it. And they did the traditional cake in the face. It was hilarious. Sorry but Stefan won that one fair and square.

Congratulations Melissa and Stefan Welcome to the family Stefan! Complete again. 5 brothers in law, I've always wanted brothers and now I got 5 of them.