Monday, December 22, 2008

Sniffy Face

So Kathryn has been doing this sniffy face for awhile now. Its so cute when she does it. And its even funner when I can get her to start mimicing me. or vice versa. I have told others about it and when they try to get her to do it she doesn't. it's hilarious if you ever get a chance to see it.
Oh yeah I think she finally knows who her mom and dad are. I can tell she clings to me a little more and will come to me more. Its nice to have her love me back now.
She's not a very cuddly baby and the other day she actually let me hold her and rock her. It was so nice. She usually doesn't like to sit still for any amount of time. So this was unsual.
Her two top teeth came out on the 20th. I remembered to write this down this time. So I have the right date for sure. Its fun to see my little girl getting so much bigger and growing up right before our eyes. I know she'll be walking right beside me in no time.
I love it! Being a mom is the best job ever!

i just love this picture. Shows how blue her eyes really are!

So I got video of it because she wouldn't do it for anyone else. ENJOY!!!

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Katie Jo said...

She is just too cute!!! :)