Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Bean

So I was thinking that I have way to many ways to be in contact with friends.. Facebook, email, blog, support groups...  I've told some of those ways about our good news but failed to tell the blog world.   So here is our announcement!   We're expecting another fun little Weir to join our family come November.   We're all excited!  I'm a little nervous!  How do you go from 2 to 3.  That seems way harder to do then 1-2...   Anyway we'll keep you updated on our little beans progress.  It's got a good heart beat!  gender news coming in the next month or two!

Charlotte Turned Terrible oh I mean two!

We had playgroup on Charlotte's birthday so I brought Cupcakes for all the little ones.   These first two pictures are of her when we're singing Happy Birthday to her.  For some reason she was really shy about it. 

 Here is the opening of presents that evening.  Kathryn picked out a cute little Mommy horse and baby horse for her from the dollar store.  She really likes horses these days.

 I tried a new pinterest idea out for her birthday cake.  We did birthday cake waffles with ice cream and whip cream.  They were actually really yummy.    We lite the candles for her and started singing and before we ended she tried to touch the candles and got burned.   Next time Either I hope we're faster at stopping her or she learned her lesson.
 I was recommended to get her some play dough with the tools that go with them.  I still need a little rolling pin.  But SHE LOVES the PLAY DOUGH.  She asks everyday to play with play dough.  She's getting better at manipulating it and now really likes to make holes in it with  a pencil or crayon.  She usually asks for play dough and after that's out she asks for a crayon. 
 Isn't that shirt she's wearing cute.  It's on that Carolin got her for her birthday.  I had her hair back in two little ponies, she looked like a little farmer that day.  Adorable. 
I can't believe it's been two years.   She's grown up so fast.  Her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds.    She's trying to copy me for saying prayers.  It's so cute to hear her say things like thankful and Jesus. 

She's outgrown her braces.  Luckily they were able to just add to them to make them a little longer for her toes.  I don't think insurance would pay for another set after just 6 months.   I guess once she's been up and using her feet they now think they can grow. 

She loves to walk.  She doesn't like being in her stroller at all.  She likes doing that game 1,2,3 Jump with Matthew and I but she usually just says 3 and drops her legs thinking we'll jump her. 

Some Favorites of hers these days are play dough, walking, dollies, horses, Caiou, Kipper, books, riding on dads back like a horsey, hot dogs, gummies(fruit snacks), cheese, grapes, outside, chalk, doggies!

 How did my little baby with spina bifida grow from this below, to this strong, independent, beautiful little girl !

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Warm day = time in the stream

This was a few weeks ago, maybe even a month. It really hasn't been as warm as it was this day  since.   They girls had a blast playing in the water.  Kathryn chased the fish and found a worm and well any little critter around kathryn will find it and loves the play with it.     ( sad note  she wanted to take the worm home and had it in her had with a bunch of shells she wanted to take home too and when we got almost home she looked at it and said 'mom it's having babies!'  It had been cut in 3 different pieces from the shells in her hand.)

 I need to find some good water socks or shoes for Charlotte.  Even just sitting there she got a cut on her foot.  She didn't even know it.

 Poor worm...