Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Heartbeat

Listen to baby Kathryn's heartbeat

I had matt come to yesterday's appointment so that he could here the heartbeat like I get to everyweek. And then my sister suggested that we record it so that we could show it the baby later and such. So here is a few seconds of the beautiful sound of our baby's hearbeat.

The doctor also checked to see how dialated I am. I'm at a 2 now. He said he even felt the b head which I take to mean she's starting her decent down the birth canal. Anyday now.

He said to make an appointment for next week and but that he may see me sooner. I hope its the sooner one. I actually want to have the baby this weekend or Monday. So I'll be walking a lot and boucing on my big ball to see if I can help her decide she's ready to come into our little family.

Well things are well, I went to the Chiropractor after that appointment to get me all in line for the delivery. That helped a lot.

I'll keep everyone posted for other updates. For now things are progressing just fine!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Shower

We had my shower at my sister Shelleys house. THANK YOU SHELLEY!!!

Wow that was a fun time for me. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in some time. Matt's mom even surprised me and came down from Snowflake. I got such wonderful things. I am so appreciative of everyones generosity.
I got some of the cutest little outfits. I hope I get to use them all. To many people have been telling me they have all this stuff but never get to put them in them before they grow out of them.

I got to use the Chocolate Fountain I got for my wedding for the first time. That was a fun touch. I know my nephews were thrilled to have it. It was probably a little messy but Chocolate is Chocolate.
This is the stroller and Car Seat I got from a coworker out of Texas. I finally put the car seat in my car and I've got my hospital bag ready. Anytime now Kathryn...

I only have a few pictures as my camera's batteries failed by my sister has more so if she has come cool ones I'll get some more posted.

Thank you cards will be coming shortly. I really want to have the baby and get a baby annoucement with picture /thank you card out to everyone.

Matt's mom helped up get our crib. We found this one on Craigslist. It has three drawers down the side and two long drawers underneath. I like storage space.

I'm so excited to have this baby. Also other news Matt and I have decided that I don't have to go back to work when the baby comes. My last day at work is the 8th unless she comes sooner. Which I'm hoping because I just found out that if she does, Short Term Disablity still applies and I'll get paid for part of the first month that I'm gone. We're not counting on it but that would be a great added bonus for us. So any suggestions on how to make this baby come out quicker that would be appreciated.
Thanks again to all those that have supported me and made me feel like I can be a great mom.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tribute to my Mother

So many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer late 2006. Because of this we had a double masectomy and had chemo and radiation throughout 2007. She was declared Cancer FREE in September 2007. That was a great birthday present for me. My Mom is the strongest women I know. And the most loving and selfless person. She even waited to tell the family about the cancer until after Christmas just so we wouldn't have to worry. What an act of service. We all wanted to bare her burden for her and with her. When she started loosing her hair all my brothers in law offered to shave their heads with her but she wouldn't allow it.

My sisters have started me thinking about my mom lately as the sign up for the 3day Cancer walk has started. Rachel just signed up and started the team 'Milli's Miracle'. I want to participate in this but am concerned about the $2200 that has to be raised. I know with lots of prayer and determination anything is possible. So there goes my concern. I need to do this for my wonderful mother. And it would be a great way to loose all the baby weight I just gained for this blessing I'm about to bring into the world.

If anyone wants to participate the website for signing up or just donating for Milli's Miracle is

Sorry the website is so crazy just copy paste it.

My mom is the main reason Matt and I are still here in the valley. He really wants to move somewhere greener but I can't even think how I can handle having my first child without her help! She is my strength and if I need anything or want to talk she's the one that is there for me.

I really hope that everyone has a relationship like I do with my mother.

The Meaning Of A Mother!

A Mother is a person who!
Will pick you up when you are blue!
Her words of wisdom has made away!
To show you Love throughout the day!
She'll wrap you in her arms so tight!
To tell you things will be allright!
Your Mother shows you what to wear!
To dress you up so you aren't bear!
Lost a Loved one she will say!
Never ever go astray!
But most of all she's there for you!
'Cause she has nothing left to do!

Written by Kim Price © -
exclusively for Angel Stardust

We have the greatest Family. Here is a picture we did when my sister was here from Florida. We're all here together. Its fun to have all sisters. at another time I'll do a tribute for each one of them and what they have done to help me in my life and experiences.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guess the day

So I'm thinking I want to get a poll going or a guessing game as to when you all think I'm going to have baby Kathryn. I'm due the 14th of February. I've had a few people at work say oh yeah you'll be late. Its your first baby. but I'm not so sure. Also lets see if you can guess how much she's going to weigh. It might be interesting to see who gets closest

Also Matt said the other day he thought it was weird I was spelling Kathryn with one N and not two Kathrynn. Which way do you all prefer?

Let me know and the winner of the day might deserve a prize of some sort!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Twilight Series

So Matt and I have finished the Twilight series. We read it out loud to each other. It was a really fun read. We both said after we finished it that it shouldn't have ended there. It was a good ending to a book but not a series. So I just found online that Stephanie Meyer has been contracted to write another book called Breaking Dawn. She said it should be ready the Fall of 2008. I'm not one to be over anxious for a book of any kind but I am for this one.

Matt and I like to read out loud together. We've read a few series out load to each other now.
The Belgariad series, The Mallorean Series, Talon of the Silverhawk, the last Harry Potter book and now the Twilight series. Now I'm asking any of you that read this if you know of an other series that would be good reads out load. Let me know if you have a favorite series of books. As you can see from what we have read we kind of like the Mystical, Magic type books.

Some friends of mine are having a book club and this months book is Personality Plus. I'll update on that after the book club on Saturday. Its a great book about learning other peoples personalitys and importantly your own. and then how to deal with someone that is your opposite. It will be interesting to get all my friends perspectives on the book.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Damien saying thanks

This is my nephew Damien. He and his mom live in Florida. We had them for Christmas and I was told he was really in to surfing as they life right by the beach. So I got him this buggie board. My sister said he would carry the box around before christmas and say "is it Christmas yet" wanting to open the box so bad. I watched this and it kind of made me get a little misty eyed. Isn't he so cute!

Sorry its sideways. I don't know how to change that.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

Today is January 1, 2008. I can't believe another year has flown by again. I haven't been thinking about my accomplishments or what I want to have happen for the coming year at all. I usually get a little energized and ready for a new great year but that didn't happen this year. I think I'm just so set on having a healthy happy baby that the rest of the year will just happen. I changed my little opening statement today to something I just opened up to in The Greatest Salesman in the World. It is the Scroll marked I. TodayI begin a new life. It's kind of funny that that was the first chapter I opened up the book to. That opened up a few things I know I want to improve upon in this coming year.
I will prepare my primary lessons with thought and care.
I will keep my house in order.
I will be a loving wife and new mother.
I will be positive and helping in Matt's new business venture.
I will be better at keeping our finances in order and not spend on things that are not necessary.
I will read a positive uplifting book each month
I will listen to the monthly CD's I get to better my business, my life, and my relationships.
I will be a better friend and neighbor.
I will read the scriptures and pray daily, to keep my relationship with my Father in Heaven alive.
I will attend the temple each month.

I guess there are a few things that I've been wanting to start doing and be better at for awhile now. I just needed a few minutes to think about them. So all my friends on here maybe every once in awhile you can ask how I'm doing on my goals and dreams of the year.

It is going to be a fabulous year with lots of firsts. New Baby and all the firsts that that brings both with me and with her. I wan't wait to see how I turn out as a mother and how my baby will turn out as a Child of God.