Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tribute to my Mother

So many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer late 2006. Because of this we had a double masectomy and had chemo and radiation throughout 2007. She was declared Cancer FREE in September 2007. That was a great birthday present for me. My Mom is the strongest women I know. And the most loving and selfless person. She even waited to tell the family about the cancer until after Christmas just so we wouldn't have to worry. What an act of service. We all wanted to bare her burden for her and with her. When she started loosing her hair all my brothers in law offered to shave their heads with her but she wouldn't allow it.

My sisters have started me thinking about my mom lately as the sign up for the 3day Cancer walk has started. Rachel just signed up and started the team 'Milli's Miracle'. I want to participate in this but am concerned about the $2200 that has to be raised. I know with lots of prayer and determination anything is possible. So there goes my concern. I need to do this for my wonderful mother. And it would be a great way to loose all the baby weight I just gained for this blessing I'm about to bring into the world.

If anyone wants to participate the website for signing up or just donating for Milli's Miracle is

Sorry the website is so crazy just copy paste it.

My mom is the main reason Matt and I are still here in the valley. He really wants to move somewhere greener but I can't even think how I can handle having my first child without her help! She is my strength and if I need anything or want to talk she's the one that is there for me.

I really hope that everyone has a relationship like I do with my mother.

The Meaning Of A Mother!

A Mother is a person who!
Will pick you up when you are blue!
Her words of wisdom has made away!
To show you Love throughout the day!
She'll wrap you in her arms so tight!
To tell you things will be allright!
Your Mother shows you what to wear!
To dress you up so you aren't bear!
Lost a Loved one she will say!
Never ever go astray!
But most of all she's there for you!
'Cause she has nothing left to do!

Written by Kim Price © -
exclusively for Angel Stardust

We have the greatest Family. Here is a picture we did when my sister was here from Florida. We're all here together. Its fun to have all sisters. at another time I'll do a tribute for each one of them and what they have done to help me in my life and experiences.


Cindy said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom! She's such a neat person, and I don't think I ever knew that she had breast cancer. I'm so glad she's well now.

H said...

Beautiful tribute to your mom!

Jenni said...

Becoming a mother definatly puts new perspective on how wonderful our Mom's are. I hope she reads your blog! How are you feeling? Ready for cute Kathrynn to arrive?

Kenyon said...

Heather, I was so sad to miss your shower. It was a bummer because we had 2 showers and a Birthday party all at the same time that day and thought somehow we could hit them didnt work. I have a gift for you, could I maybe bring it to your house? Email me and tell me where you live
I hope you had a great shower.