Monday, June 11, 2012

Mothers Day

These are my Mothers Day Flowers.  Matthew took the girls on a walk that morning and let me sleep in and this is what they came home with.  It smelled wonderful!

 Then the reasons I'm able to celebrate Mothers day.  Charlotte and Kathryn!  They are my beautiful babies!   I love them so much.  Look at how big they are. These are their Easter Dresses.  Kathryn loves her dress.  She wanted to wear if every day for awhile.
 Look how happy Charlotte is. 

Happy Mother's day to me.  How could I not be happy.  I have two beautiful, fun, crazy girls.  And another little bean on the way, which we find out if it will be a beautiful little girl or a handsome little boy in a week from today!

PROM Already... I didn't think I was that old

My year with Carolin is coming to a close.  I can't believe this school year is already over.   With end of school years comes PROM.  Out here in VA they have a Mormon Prom because regular school prom I guess is really risky...   This year Mormon Prom was titled London is Calling.  I saw the building as they were setting up.  It looked like it was going to be amazing.  From what I gathered from the kids,  It was!

Matthew was asked 6 months ago if he would make a balloon dress from one of the girls.   It took Matthew 8 hours to finish this dress.   I think he had fun doing it but I'm still really nervous about having so many balloons in the house with Charlotte's potential allergy.  No signs yet but I'm sure they are coming...

 Here's Chiara and Ian.   I'm so glad Chiara got to go.  She didn't go to her school PROM  so I'm glad she got to experience this.  The looked amazing.  She's wearing her host mom's dress.   So beautiful!
 Carolin had such a fun time with Zachery.   But she did not know how the heck you put on a corsage.  It took like three pins for it to stay on. 
 My two beautiful Germans, and their dates...
 The girls.  Aren't they all stunning.  I am so glad I was apart of this.   Kathryn has 12 more years before she gets to experience anything like this.  Holy moly that seems so long.  I don't want to even think about how old I'll be in 12 more years.  ah ah ah.  I just did! 

  The boys and the whole group.  We have a great group of kids in our ward.  They are all such good examples to Carolin.  She had a wonderful time because of the friendship of the youth in our ward.  I can't thank them enough for making her stay here more enjoyable!

The finished product of the dress.  The girl that wore this was the highlight of the PROM.  She had random people taking pictures of her all night. 

Carolin got to go to the School Prom too.  She went with a Anastasia  the other exchange student from Russia and a group of girls.  She had a blast at that one too.  I'm so glad she got to experience this part of American High school.   She has only 4 more half days left.   I can't believe it's almost over.   Her parents get her on Sunday.  I can't wait to meet them!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charlotte Walking

Check Charlotte out!

I didn't believe my eyes.  I got home from taking Carolin to Mutual and Matthew was playing walking games with Charlotte but always holding on her hand or shirt or holding a doll with her holding the other side.   But we just sat down and tried it and she went back and forth like 5 or 6 times.   It was amazing!  I knew she could do it!  She was so excited too.    I love the 'I did it" at the end.   Oh my goodness she was amazing!  

Check out the youtube link.  I'm so proud of my little girl! 

We need her to be proficient by january.  This is a great starting point.  6 more months and she'll be perfect!