Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Love ~ To Sweet

Ok I know its been awhile and I have a lot to catch up on but today Kathryn is 3 months old and I had to post some 3 month old pictures I took this morning. She is getting so big! I had her weighed this week and she's now 12 lbs 11 ozs. a whole 2 lbs from her 2 month check up. I can tell she's getting heavier as I don't like to carry the car seat any more.

She is starting to smile at you a lot. She recognizes Matt and I and her Grandparents. Shes grabbing on to my finger more and is sleeping consistently in the night. Which makes it easier for me as I know I'll be getting up around 5 or 6 to feed her and then she'll go back to bed for another 3 hours. Its great!

She is putting her legs down straight when we hold her up. Matt says she'll be walking before we know it. She still doesn't like laying on her tummy. I let her go about a minute and then I have to get her cause she's started crying by then. any Suggestions???

I've left her with her Grandma Weir and Great grandma Allen for a little bit while cleaning out the new house. They both really enjoy her and Grandma Allen is so much nicer when I've come to get her. She's usually an ornery grandma.

Kathryn is also quite the social baby. I have no fear of letting someone else hold her. She is just an angel.

This is long enough I need to get back to packing, working and finding a good price on carpet.

I'll be back soon I promise.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

San Diego Through Kathryn's Point of View

I'm so excited for my first road trip. I haven't been anywhere yet. And California is the place for me. As everyone calls me the beach bum, or says things like man she's so tan and that blonde hair she could be a surfer. So I'm glad mom and dad choose San Diego.

The trip there wasn't to bad. Mom fed me a ton before we left. All I could do was sleep. I don't mind to much the view for me is the same blue sky or the back seat. not to Appealing. They made a stop in a place called Dateland. Dad got mom a strawberry shake and I got to eat too. We sat in a dog park. it was the only green grass for miles. I slept the rest of the way there but the last few minutes. I was way done sitting in my car seat. so I had to let my parents know it was definitely time to go. lucky for them we got there just in the nick of time. I was getting a little irritated. Who knows what I might have done.

The resort was nice. the room was nice and cozy. I really liked the bed. We got there late so that night we just stayed in and watched a movie. I didn't mind cause I was tired of being in the car seat and if we went out that is just were mom would have put me.

The next morning we walked down to Seaport Village. That was a nice place. I liked the ocean breeze on my face. and all the birds. We got to see a really big boat. I think my parents called it a battleship. It had planes and stuff on top of it. it was huge compared to me. mom and dad ate Greek food and I got to have the same ol milk. one of these days I'm going to get to eat just like mom and dad do. We went to a grocery store and got some food for the next day and some Ice Cream! Mom loves ice cream.

We got to visit some of my moms cousins while we were there. that was fun. my dad got out his balloons and played with two little boys the whole time. I didn't get to play yet. They think I might chew on them. They are probably right. But they did give me a swing and a little snugli. I love the swing. I can sit in that for hours. and it has cool animals that hang above me. I hope they don't poop of me though.

The next day we made it to the beach. We drove over this really long Bridge to get to the beach. I wish that I would have liked it better but well I am only 2 months old. I can only take so much. The wind and the sun was just unbearable for my little face. My mom did put my toes in the water. Man it was cold. I think I want to try a swimming pool before I go to the ocean next.

All in all the trip was fun. We did a lot of walking and sleeping. I think my parents went just so they could relax and have fun sleeping.

Oh I almost forgot. we went to this place with loud music and guitars on the walls and pictures of singers. oh yeah Hard Rock Cafe. I was the hit of the place. Everyone came over to see me. People just can't get enough of my beautiful blonde curly hair.

Actually that is how it was everywhere we went. Everyone had to see the curly hair. I'm used to it though. I get it everywhere we go. My mom says she hopes it stays curly and that I like it. She told me that she has curly hair and once she wished it was straight but that she now likes to have it curly.

Anyway, the ride home was OK but well its kind of embarrassing but I kind of had an explosion and got my daddy's lap all dirty. Mom had to clean me up in some dirty bathroom. I didn't like that one bit. but we made it home all in one piece.

So my first vacation was a success. I hear my mom is planning some more. Its going to be great!!!