Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Love ~ To Sweet

Ok I know its been awhile and I have a lot to catch up on but today Kathryn is 3 months old and I had to post some 3 month old pictures I took this morning. She is getting so big! I had her weighed this week and she's now 12 lbs 11 ozs. a whole 2 lbs from her 2 month check up. I can tell she's getting heavier as I don't like to carry the car seat any more.

She is starting to smile at you a lot. She recognizes Matt and I and her Grandparents. Shes grabbing on to my finger more and is sleeping consistently in the night. Which makes it easier for me as I know I'll be getting up around 5 or 6 to feed her and then she'll go back to bed for another 3 hours. Its great!

She is putting her legs down straight when we hold her up. Matt says she'll be walking before we know it. She still doesn't like laying on her tummy. I let her go about a minute and then I have to get her cause she's started crying by then. any Suggestions???

I've left her with her Grandma Weir and Great grandma Allen for a little bit while cleaning out the new house. They both really enjoy her and Grandma Allen is so much nicer when I've come to get her. She's usually an ornery grandma.

Kathryn is also quite the social baby. I have no fear of letting someone else hold her. She is just an angel.

This is long enough I need to get back to packing, working and finding a good price on carpet.

I'll be back soon I promise.


Amanda said...

She is Adorable!! Even if she cries keep her on her stomach so she doesn't get a flat head or rub off that beautiful blonde set of curls! I really want to see her again, so lets get together soon. Also I would love to take some pictures of her, you should come over when you want to take a break from cleaning! Talk to you soon!

shannonb said...

Oh my goodness. She is so precious. I can't believe it's been 3 months already! Boy does time fly! I just LOVE all her beautiful blonde curls!

Erika Amezquita said...

Wow she is so big already! Very adorable, I sure miss those moments when they were so small, they grow so fast though!

Fowler Farm said...

Such a cute babie heather. I just found your blog when I was on DaNell's. It looks like things are going well for you. You are so awesome. It looks like you take Catherine a lot of places. My poor babies don't go anywhere. We are just now starting to venture out more. It is always such a hassle. I'm glad you are doing well. Talk to you later. Shelby

Melissa Ann said...

Savannah didnt like being on her tummy either. The doc told me to start putting her on her side, then slowly on her tummy. I think it worked. once she gets stronger, and can hold her self up and get up on her knees, she will feel better about it. Sorry about yesterday. I was so excited to have that party for mom and just ended up SOOOOo sick. I think they went out to dinner with Rachel though. Joanna got her a pink i-pod nano! Its just like mine ... im going to get her some music for it, any sugestions? Lets take the kids to the zoo soon, before it gets to hot.

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

Wow I remember when you first came in to Kim's baby shower and I got to see her for the first time and now she is just growing up. She hasn't lost her precious hair yet, how cute :) Hope you are doing well!

Melissa said...

What a cutie... I love the chub... (I wish that I looked that cute with fat rolls.)