Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little Randomness of the Summer

Charlotte and Kathryn are little characters most of the time.  Charlotte likes to pick or rather just stick her fingers in her nose and Kathryn well likes to do anything that makes us laugh.    I love the cross eyed look with the fingers in her nose.    Oh and Kathryn using her middle fingers.  These are priceless!

Kathryn got to have a sleep over with her Cousin Savannah when she came out the first of July.   They stayed up till almost midnight watching movies.  El Dorado and Little Mermaid.    I can't believe Kathryn stayed up the whole time.   We had lots of fun with Savannah.  We need more visitors.

We got to go to the Air and Space Museum and well this is certainly my favorite plane in the whole building.  The Space Shuttle is amazing but I love the stealthy look of this airplane!

Kathryn and I got our Hair done by my favorite stylist and long time friend Jill Cathey.  She has done my hair for more then 10 years.  I am so sad I don't get to go see her every few months for a new do.   Since Kathryn cut her own hair awhile back I had her even it out.  Kathryn loves getting her hair done.  Jill even washes it for her.  That's my favorite part. 

Isn't she cute!

And my hair.  It had been almost a year since my last hair cut and well I wanted it even shorter then she did the summer before.  And I have to say I LOVE it.  It's been two months and I already want it cut again.  I really need to find someone I love here to do my hair.  Anyone in Centreville have a hairdresser that they love!    I sent this picture to Matthew and he thought I looked Sexy! 

 We Went bowling with all the grand kids but the three youngest.   Charlotte and Kathryn are already pro bowlers from the Spina Bifida Bowling parties we've been to so they knew what to do.   It was fun being with all my family!
We did a few experiments with absorption.  This one was fun cause we got to make purple water from the blue and red water on either side.  It took all night for it to actually finish absorbing but it was worth it.  Kathryn was seriously fascinated.

 This one was just to see if we could get the water to be level in both cups by having it absorb up the paper towel into the empty cup.  This one also took all night to complete.

The paper towel was fun we just colored on it with markers then put the ends in water and watched the colors crawl up the paper towel.

We made two Christmas decorations like this. We painted them red and green  and put sparkles on them.  They turned out really good.

Kathryn making her own tower of cups. 
We've done some fun things this summer.  I just need to get caught up on my blogging.  one day at a time!