Friday, December 26, 2008

Business Launched- Need Your Help

Hello All my fellow bloggers. I would like to ask of some assistance. Matthew and I have just launched our Web Hosting Search Engine. Because of the economic crisis, helping where it is free is an easy way to help those in need. We need some help with 2 things. Link building and just word of mouth.

The way to do this is:
1.) Put a link to our website on your own blog or website using the keywords Web Hosting. This helps us rank higher in the search engines. The more links we have, the closer to #1 we get!

2.) Mention the website to anyone you know who needs to make a website, or has a website and is looking for a way to save money on hosting. It's a free service.

It's called - The Ultimate Web Hosting Search Engine -

Matthew and I are so excited about this project and to see it finally finished. We have full belief that it will be a household tool to be used amoung web designers and well, anyone that needs a website. We just need to start getting the word out. So if you have the time can you please give a shout out for us by copying and pasting this post! That would be awesome if you could help us out. Thanks for all your love and support.

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