Monday, January 5, 2009

Long post of the Holidays and more

So I've been slacking on putting in my Christmas posts and such. So here it goes. I'vejust put my pictures in at random and will explain each one. I think it will be easier that way.
This is the last night Dec 30th with Matt's youngest sister Maryann as she had a flight the next morning at 7 to Utah to enter the MTC on Dec 31st. She is going to Charlotte, North Carolina. Kathryn will be 2 and a half when Maryann gets home.
One of Kathryns presents this Christmas. She loves this walker. She runs with it and sometimes can turn a corner. She'll be walking in no time.

My mom got Kathryn this rubber duckie bath set. Its a mommy duck that can hold 3 baby duckies on its back. Its so cute.

This is Christmas morning. I think she likes the paper more then she likes the presents. She's wearing her Christmas Eve PJ's. I got a 2 set they say Good Night and Good Morning on the front.

Here is our Christmas Tree. You can see I have a toddler now as all the balls are up higher on the tree. Kathryn wasn't to fascinated at first but got really into the tree later on.

Another Christmas picture. She likes the paper and climbing through everything.

This is a few days before. She had done so well at not getting into the presents so I didn't worry about it but one day I here some crinkeling and this is what I found. She had opened one of her toys. To bad she didn't open my suprise gift from Matt... I got a really nice Foot Massager. Its wonderful and easy to use.

We had family pictures taken and Matt and I had some fun with our own camera while the rest of my family were getting set up. Do we really look alike? I will post some of pictures as soon as I get some. it was for the Turley family , which is not really Turley any more as my parents were the only Turleys there. I guess thats what you get for having only girls. We had Carrolls, Hanchetts, Weirs, Nickersons, Brimhalls, and we were missing the Shooks /Kleins but hope to get them photoshoped in later.

Here is the gingerbread making tradition. Matt was in charge this year and well I think he liked eating it better then he liked making it.

Here is Chloe with her House. She did great.

This is what Kathryn was doing that night. Playing with my Mom's Christmas Balls.

Here is Rory with her pretty house. And She's wearing her new Christmas Dress.

Savannah at the start of her house. By the end it was the most unusual house and had the most candy and frosting on it then any other!

Here is our walking baby. She is taking a few steps here and there. She can stand all alone for about a minute. She's walking more and more. She'll definatly be walking before her first birthday!

Kathryns Christmas Dress. It is a three peice dress, Jacket and hat. She doesn't like the Hat so I put the black ribbon in her hair. Oh by the way I don't let her play in the bathroom but she was in there when I was getting ready and I had to take a picture. I actually tried to get this without the toilet in the picture but failed. Isn't she a doll!

This is something new she's started doing. She likes to stick her finger up her nose. Its so cute and silly. We pull it out and she sticks it right back in there. I love those rosey cheeks as well.

Here we are at Matt's Moms house in Snowflake. We went up to here Maryann give her Farewell talk. It was fun being with family right before the holidays. Donna loves to decorate and her house was beautiful.

Maryann and Matthew are crazy. They tease each other and have fun as much as possible. We're going to miss seeing her even the few times we usually see her. No more Thanksgivings for a while.
So Kathryn didn't really like Santa this year. This is at our Ward Christmas party. She sure looked like a cute little Santa's helper but didn't like being held by a strange man with a big fuzzy beard. Maybe next year.


Michelle said...

I'm loving these pics! Hey i have pic of my oldest crying on Santa's lap too! Kathryn is looking more and more like her mommy! The close up of you two is adorable! LY!

Melissa said...

Kathryn is getting so big. I love the blond curls!

The Youngs said...

Ur little girl is a cute chunkey monkey! lol

Lauren said...

She is so adorable! I love the Santa pic. Those are ones to treasure FoReVeR! You look so good, too! Happy New Year!

Erika Amezquita said...

Thanks for the comment ;o).

Kathryn totally looks like you in that close up picture of you two. It's funny when I was first looking at your pictures, the very first one where her daddy is holding her, I had to look closely 'cause I thought he was holding a doll! LOL... with her rosy cheecks and all. She's so adorable, I love that stage when they're learning to walk.