Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Five Crowns

The other night we had Matt's Aunt and Uncle, Nanette and Ben, come over to play cards. They are always hosting parties and games, so we had them come to our house. We played this game called Five Crowns. It's kind of like phase 10 but faster. The goal is to not get points.

Matt won this game all the way to 13 rounds with only 21 points. I want to know if any of you have played this game and what the lowest score was for your game. Our Uncle Ben says that is the lowest score he has ever seen.

Matt is a master at winning games. Don't ever think of playing any video/computer game with him and expect to win. He will win. I don't even come close. The only games I get close at winning are the luck games. Well I've won a few games of our Railroad game, and our pirates game. And we just got Battleship and I won that game to. So maybe I do win some of the time.

We love to play games. We have a whole big trunk full of games. If any of you like to play games we would love to have a game night. We have some fast games and some long games and some of the originals like Monopoly, and some you probably have never heard of like Tsuro.So this is a post to find out if Matt has the lowest score ever in the Five Crowns and to see if anyone wants to come have a game night sometime. Let me know and we can get together for some fun treats and games!


The Adams family said...

I have never head of the game, so I am of no help! I wish we lived closer because I would totally take you up on a game night! So how are things going? Are you getting ready for your baby to turn the big 1?

Jason Boyette said...

Congrats Matt. I just won with 28 points...so I googled world record low scores and your blog showed up. I declare you awesome.

fred said...

I am proud of my wife Ingrid. She won tonight with her score of 19. Have you ever heard of one matching that?

Heather Weir said...

Never! Way to go Ingrid!