Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much going on

So, I feel bad for not posting anything lately. It seems I've got lots on my mind and not much time. I only get to use the computer when Kathryn's taking a nap and sometimes she doesn't take naps. Or at least very long ones. And then there is so much to do otherwise that it's hard to justify just sitting at the computer and posting a little note for the few people that look at my blog.

I won't even have any pictures for this one. I just want to post that we're all doing good. We're trying our hardest to get our website up and running with the best rankings we can. Kathryn is cutting some more teeth so is really cranky lately. She is such a cutie though. When I get around to getting my pictures off my camera. I'll have to show you one that I think looks exactly like me. I don't really ever see any of me in her but this picture reminds me of me so much.

Kathryn is our little walker now. I thought for awhile that I would just say she trys to walk until she can pull herself up from the middle of the floor but well that didn't last very long. She was getting up on her own like 2 days after really walking all on her own. I think she likes to walk more then crawl now. I sure would with our cold tile floors.

I'm trying to decide what to do for her first birthday. I know she won't remember anything of it but I guess for my sake I'd like to have the pictures and memories of her with her friends and family around who love her so much. I've about decided I'd have a little party here at my house for all her cousins to come and play and have pizza and play pin the candle on the cupcake. That way when she has her cake we can get her cleaned up easy after wards. I don't have a theme totally picked out but i guess I'll go to the dollar store and see what they have for little girl birthday party decor.

Another thing that has been on my mind - our mind is that we'd like to see if we can buy a house. I found the house I want but we more definitely don't have the money for that right now. I know I just need to suck it up and life in Granny's house for as long as we can but It would be so nice to have a place to call my own and a place for Kathryn to be able to play outside thats fenced in. We'll stay here until we can save enough and pay off enough debt to be able to afford one without me having to get a job. I wouldn't mind working from home for a few hours but so far I've been unsuccessful at finding something that would work with my time and abilities.

I've also been thinking about having another baby. Matt is so good at having faith that they will come when they come but I seem to think they should come when I want them to and they don't. We're not actually trying to get pregnant but we're not preventing one either. My doctor in July said he'd have me make my year appointment but thought he'd see me sooner then that... So far no need to see the good OB. I just feel like I'm not getting any younger and I want to have a decent sized family before we're to old. plus Kathryn needs someone to play with. I think she in lonely with just mom around to play with. Another thing that has been bothering me lately though is that my Dad has diabetes and my mom just got diagnosed with it as well. So my mom just had a class on the management of it and they said that women that had Gestational Diabetes who didn't loose their birth weight by the time they had the second one are most likely to get diabetes in the next few years then ones that loose the weight they gained before the first baby. So that has been worrying me to. I've not tried as hard as I could to loose the weight but I find it so hard for me to eat right when I'm home all day. Its just to easy to go get a sandwich or snack on something else all day long instead of eating like I should. I've gotten lazy in what I make for dinner and most of the time it isn't something healthy. I've been at the same weight since my last doctors appointment in July. So I guess I should be grateful I haven't gained any but I sure wish I could loose that blasted 30 lbs that I still need to get off. I know that I would be more healthy and the baby would be to if i could get that off before a new baby comes along.

Well I guess this has been long enough. Especially one without pictures. Thanks for reading this if you got this far.


DaNelle said...

Oh man, I know what you mean, Heather! We need to get together this week, I'll call you later!

The Whatcott Fam said...

Hey Heather- thanks for the update! Even though it may seem like just mundane, every day stuff to you, it's not to us! Keep it comin'!

Brandon and I just finished reading this book called "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. It's been around for awhile, but I wish we would have read it YEARS ago. I've never heard of a better approach to paying off debt and getting to the point you would like financially. I'm just mentioning this since you mentioned you want to pay off debt and buy a house...seriously you should read this! Everyone should read this!

Jessalee said...

For not a lot going on you sure have a lot going on... Hang in there on the baby thing, you are an awesome mom and I don't believe you were just meant to have one.

I love the updates. It's nice to hear about family when you don't live close to any.

Amber said...

Yay! A new post! (like I'm one to talk...) If ever you feel discouraged, remember that RIchard and I will be moving out of our own house and in with my parents. Don't knock living off of family! I know what you mean, though. Way more fun to have your own thing going on. About Cindy-Lou-Who's comment- we have been learning a thing or two from Dave Ramsey as well. He definitely knows what he's talking about. We got his book Financial Peace for Christmas, and need to get going!