Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I had a baby! It's a Boy

Here I am going in to have a baby that morning.   scheduled c-sections are so nice that way.  NO pain just walking in like I'm checking into a hotel for a few days. 
 So having the c-section isn't the greatest feeling.  I remember things with Bryce that I don't remember happening with  Charlotte.  Like smelling burning , which I was nervous about cause I thought it was coming from my Oxygen mask ah ah  but no that was them burning my skin to cauterize the bleeding.   And all the tugging and pulling.  You'd think a baby cut out would just come out..  nope.  And then after he was out I felt like they sat on my chest  which Matthew said they kind of did.  I almost couldn't breathe while they pushed and squished the placenta out.   Nice I know!
  But out he came and we was perfect.   Big boy for a month early!    He got down to 6.8 at the hospital and dropped a few more ounces after but he's gaining now!
 Isn't he so precious?  He's exactly like his sisters and me.  Sorry Matthew I guess my genes are a bit stronger then yours are!
 Our first meeting.   At least it was within the first 10 minutes this time.  With Charlotte it was 6-7 hours!
My mom came to be with me that first week.  I couldn't have done it without her. My kids loved having Grandma here and I loved having someone to cry with and love me even in the midst of my crazy mood swings of can I do this...   
His first sponge bath.  And yes he was jaundice.  I see that perfectly in his pictures.  That was a nightmare in it self all the blood tests and such... 
 He's wonderful!
Sorry for the picture being upside down but here he is for Halloween being a rebel fighter pilot!

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