Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One or Two

I've been having so many dreams about having a mulitple birth I thought for sure it was going to happen. Especially when my older sister tells me last Sunday that she had a dream I was having twins too.

I had my 2nd appt yesterday and first ultrasound. I got to hear the heartbeat as well. I love that swooshing sound. Kathryn came with me and did such a great job. Well she's quite lethargic anyway but she was a good sport.

I told Dr Falk at my first appointment that I thought I was having twins and he was like well it's to early to tell right now. We'll do an ultrasound at the next your 12 week appt. So as he was getting me ready to check the heart beat I told him again about me having all these dreams and my sister having one and he's like well lets go check this out to stop these crazy ideas.

I LOVE THE ONE BABY inside me! I'm actually relieved it's only one. how anyone deals with more then one at a time is beyond me. Kudos to my friend Shelby with 3!

So my dreams were just dreams, not premonitions. So in 6 weeks we'll get to see if we're having a boy or a girl. I love that part too. Then on to naming the little baby growing inside me. I get that privliage this time. Since Matthew got to name Kathryn.

Anyway, I've feeling a lot better and am just at that stage of feeling fat but not fat enough to look pregnant. or actually need maternity pants but I like that they are loose on my tummy anyway even if I don't need them yet.

Here's to 28 more weeks!!!

Sorry no pictures lately. I've been a bad picture taker.


shannonb said...

Wow, that's crazy that you kept having dreams about 2 babies. I guess one at a time is easier though. They thought twins wera a possibility when I was pregnant with Brooklyn because I was measuring further along. And I kept having dreams that she was a boy all along, but I guess that was wrong too! I can't wait to find out what you're having!

Trisni said...

Congrats heather how exciting is that. Kathryn is soooo cute talk about a little heather. I remember that lion costume so cute here is my blogspot if you want to visit.

Fowler Farm said...

Wow I had no idea! I am so excited for you. We still need to get together again sometime. Keep me updated. Congrats!