Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fever, ear ache, tummy ache.. list goes on......

Kathryn is one sick little girl. It started Thursday when I noticed she was way more cuddly then normal. Then that night she woke up with a burning fever. I thought she must have an ear ache cause I've seen her pull at her ears a few times that day. I had my brother in law Jared bring his ear scope and take a look at her ears at the Heaton Family Halloween party and he said he saw a slight redness to her left ear. We came home and I ran to Sprouts and got some Kids Ear Clear Oil. I have to say I think this stuff is amazing. Well we had another rough night and day with more high fevers 103-104-105 sometimes. Lucky for me Motrin and Tylenol bring that down right away. But now she's starting to say she has to poop and her tummy hurts. So I thought Constipation. We ended up taking her to Urgent care on Saturday and she ended up having an ear infection in the right ear and not left. So the Oil must have worked. There we got a prescription for the ear infection and some suppositories. Her Fever's have not stopped since Thursday night. So on Monday I called to take her to her regular Pediatrician and he said she has NO ear infection and to stop the antibiotics for the ears. Also because she has no other symptoms with her fevers he thinks it's most likely a bladder infection of some kind. I have to give her lots of pear, apple and prune juice and WATER. Kathryn doesn't like the juice right now but will drink the water thankfully. We've stopped giving her milk and dairy products. The Dr said that if her fevers stick around till Wednesday I have to bring her back in and they'll have to put in a catheter to see if its an infection in that area. I really hope they stop but she had a high fever last night at like 1am and then again this morning at 9am. We'll see how it goes the rest of the day.

We did have our home teacher come over last night to help give her a blessing. I sure am glad for a priesthood holder in my home. If any one reads this before tomorrow , please pray for Kathryn so she doesn't have to to the next part of this treatment if her fevers don't go down.

Thanks for all those who have expressed their concern all ready. I appreciate all the helpful tips on taking care of my sick baby.

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