Sunday, April 26, 2009

We have a Lawn, well part of one

A month or so ago Matthew decided that we needed to plant grass on one side of our front yard. I have a garden one one side and the other was just weeds and dirt. So we went to Home Depot and got some grass seed and some fertilizer. We were hoping for some great green grass to pop up any day and nothing ever did. All I was doing was watering the weeds more and more each day. And then we here that Granny is coming down for a doctors appointment and we for sure need to do something with the dirt and weed side of the yard or we wouldn't here the end of it from Granny on how we are not taking care of her house enough so we decided to go with Sod instead. Matthew is so funny sometimes in how he plans things out. When he's got something on his mind to do he does it right then. there's no planning or thinking it out it's I want this done now or I'm going to go crazy so back to home depot he goes a couple weeks ago with his Uncle's truck and comes home with sod. It was hard work laying it and trying to get all the weeds out and making it smooth. Which it is far from smooth. Anyway, it looks great. Kathryn loves to play in the water when I'm watering the lawn. I don't have pictures of that yet but I'll get some soon. The lawn is so soft to walk on now and Kathryn will actually well most of the time stay on the lawn and not run away to the street. Now I just need a little picket fence to hold her in and I'll be set to weed the garden while she plays in the lawn.

My garden was a long time coming. We planted in the middle February I think and I thought all I was going to get was squash but low and behold I have beets growing and swiss chard and some lettuce. We planted onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots of which nothing grew. I guess its true that tomatoes need to be bought as plants and not seeds. I look forward to getting to use food from my garden. I hope our next house I can get a better garden going with a lot more veggies and fruit in it.

Summer Squash


Sankat said...

yay for a garden!

How fun to have some nice grass to play around in...hope it grows in well.

Jessalee said...

In our little garden I see the corn growing and one of our cucumber plants but the strawberries and the tomato plant seem to be waiting for a growth spurt. I suggest sunflowers because they grow like weeds but look beautiful like flowers. Plus you can eat the seeds. It is very hard to grow things in the desert so don't give up.

Erika Amezquita said...

We need to get some green grass in our backyard too. Its just dirt and weeds! Ugh. I bet you're happy to finally see some green right there!