Friday, April 17, 2009

Play date with the Triplets

I went to my friend Shelby's house the other day to have a fun play date with her triplets, Halle, Caden and Jack. They had so much fun. First lunch, Mac and cheese, then a lot of fun outside in her fabulous backyard. I wish I had my camera our for that part then we came inside and played in the nursery. Kathryn liked climbing up the slide but we tried to teach her to go around and climb in the back.
Shelby's triplets are 19 months.
Photobucket I love this picture of Jacks face poking out of that little circle. and of course Cadens little bumby!
Fun with the Triplets

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Fowler Farm said...

Thanks for coming Heather it was really fun spending time together. We need to start getting together more often. Talk to you soon.