Friday, December 24, 2010

Work Party = Fun Give aways

Matthew's new job had a Christmas party at a nice Restaurant in Reston. He works for a company that contracts with DOD and well I guess they are doing a pretty good job.

Matthew was telling me about past parties that he was told about from his coworkers but I was in for a real treat. I knew it was all for real when we got there and everyone got a Apple TV for just being there. Retail $99.00. There were probably 35 employee's there. Then we got a raffle ticket for other prizes to come. There was a plentiful corner of liquid refreshments that we didn't partake in and lots of fun fancy clothes to look at. And the Prize table. Holy cow I was amazed at the prizes.
My top 3 choices on the table was the

1. Home Theatre System with Blu-Ray player
2. One of the 4 lap top computers
3. IPad
Other items on the table and then some I didn't know cause they were certificates
4. Pocket video camera
5. two $500 visa cards
6. Amazon Kindle
7. Pulse Pen
8. Laser Color Canon Printer
9. Pulse picture viewer.
10. gift cards for $150 to the restaurant we were at.

Everyone got something so if you weren't in the drawing you got a certificate of some sort. We won the Kindle, that had a $25.00 amazon gift card attached. I love it. We bought the full standard works for church so my RS bag isn't so blasted heavy. I've downloaded two audible books from Which is fun to have it read to me. I've been listening to it while I did my baking. It's really fun. This one retails at about $139.00. So I think we did ok.

The Apple TV I think we'll be selling as the HDMI cable and the optical cable that we need is pricey and it's just cheaper to go to redbox then rent from Itunes. and the Netflix down loadable movies just wasn't what we liked when we had it for the few months in San fran. Don't know for sure yet. We'll see Matt was joking today that we'll keep it cause he just bought us a blu-ray player. Fun for Christmas!

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