Friday, December 24, 2010

Spina Bifida Christmas Party

Take a good look at this santa, I'm certain he was the real thing. All his real hair, big bowl full of jelly belly, jolly old man. And the kids loved him. I guess he's there main attraction for the past few years parties too.

We went to the Spina Bifida Association's Christmas Party this last weekend. It was fun to see some friends I see at the Monthly Brunches and see lots of new friends. So many cute little kids rolling around in their wheel chairs.

It was at an Elks Club, there was a puppet show when we first got there then lunch was already underway downstairs. Santa came and gave each of the kids a wonderful gift. I let Kathryn open her gift as the other kids were opening theirs. She got the Tiki Barbie Elephant from the movie Enchanted Island. I think. It's actually a really cool toy. It's magnetic and lifts the two dolls that it came with up on it's truck and sits them down on his back. Way cool.
Kathryn really wanted to open Charlottes and I've said no we're waiting for Christmas for her's but it now has a whole in the wrapping so I hid is so Kathryn would stop pestering me about it. It's a good thing that the only presents out under the tree are things we've gotten in the mail or we would not be having a christmas on Christmas, All the gifts would be opened by my little mischievious little girl.

Thank you SBA for the wonderful party and gifts for my daughters!

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